Tyler Posey Interview – ‘Teen Wolf’ Season Five and Scott & Stiles’ Relationship

Tyler Posey Teen Wolf Season 5 Interview
Tyler Posey at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con (Photo by Richard Chavez / Showbiz Junkies)

Tyler Posey made the trek to San Diego once again for the 2015 Comic Con where he was part of MTV’s popular Teen Wolf panel. Posey also sat down in a slightly less rowdy room for roundtable interviews in support of the series which is currently airing part one of season five on Mondays at 10pm ET/PT.

Asked if after these five seasons there’s something he believes his character, Scott, would change about himself if he had a chance at a do-over, Posey replied, “First thing that comes to mind is not to get bit by a werewolf, but it’s brought him so much…he’s just learned so much about himself through everything he’s been through so I don’t think I would change that. If he could be a little quicker on running through the door to save his ex-girlfriend who got killed. That’s it.”

This season finds Scott and his friends in their final year of high school which should mean there are big changes in store for the wolf pack after graduation. “It’s such an interesting topic to deal with on the show because the high school itself is its own character,” explained Posey, discussing leaving high school behind. “It’s really such a vital part of our show. It’s been around since the first episode. It’s an interesting thing to kind of play with and mess around with in my head. We could just carry it on into college, you know? Scott has a lot of aspirations to go to a really good college, so maybe it just kind of transcends into college. But I think it’s really cool to see what Beacon Hills and Teen Wolf would be like without the school aspect in it. They’d have more time to kick ass and save lives and to fall in love.”

Among the show’s most popular characters is Dylan Sprayberry’s Liam Cunningham, and off set Posey and Sprayberry are close friends. “[The] best moment I’ve had with Sprayberry…geez, just me and him, just him being on the show. I really love him. I really love Dylan. I think he’s a great kid,” said Posey. “I just love him being under my wing. It just feels really right. What’s my favorite moment? I don’t think I have one. I’ve thrown parties at my house that they’ve come to, him and Khylin [Rhambo]. We have such a good time. We really love each other. We skateboard; we play music together. We’re really alike, so it’s impossible to say. Everything is just so damn good.”

Although there’s tension between Scott and Stiles this season, that hasn’t carried over at all to Posey and Dylan O’Brien’s real life friendship. Asked if it’s been any different acting opposite Dylan O’Brien when the relationship is strained between the characters, Posey answered, “It’s great. I almost got emotional just now because I love him so much. I love doing those kinds of scenes with Dylan because it’s so… That’s the great thing about acting. You can leave who you are and just become this other person in a completely different situation. It’s interesting having scenes where Stiles and Scott have tension. Like the one where Stiles is stabbing Scott is such an interesting thing to play because we hated each other in the moment, but we don’t in real life. It’s a lot of fun. It’s a lot of fun playing those moments because it’s acting at its finest. It’s so the completely opposite of what we are.”

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