‘Wynonna Earp’ Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: Steel Bars and Stone Walls

Wynonna Earp Season 2 Melanie Scrofano
Melanie Scrofano stars in ‘Wynonna Earp’ (Photo by: Michelle Faye/Wynonna Earp Season 2, Inc./Syfy)

Syfy’s popular genre-blending Wynonna Earp returns for season two on June 9, 2017 with an episode titled ‘Steel Bars and Stone Walls.’ Season two episode one kicks off with Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon) and Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) running like bats out of hell through the snow. They’re being chased by a faceless creature with huge teeth who steals Doc’s hat and eats it. (Damn, he loved that hat!) Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) arrives in time to save them, putting a bullet through its head. Wynonna was warned by Juan Carlo that they can expect more than just the usual Revenants in the Ghost River Triangle, and now they’re going to use this creepy creature to rescue Dolls.

So, where’s Dolls? He’s handcuffed in the back of a military vehicle and he’s not exactly in friendly hands. Dolls (Shamier Anderson) is told he’s about to be transferred to Black Rock Prison and tazed, just for good measure, before he’s taken away.

Wynonna, who’s definitely working the strut this season, overhears Sheriff Nedley (Greg Lawson) briefing reporters on what went down in the city, pretty much laying the blame at Wynonna’s feet. He quotes Batman, telling her she’s not the hero Purgatory needs right now. However, he’s also aware of what she sacrificed to save the town.

Wynonna smells something stinky, and Nedley opens a door to show her Black Badge is busy cleaning out all of Doll’s stuff. While they’re busy at the station, Wynonna spends time checking out Dolls’ hotel room. She finds a travel lab and then is attacked by a scantily clad woman wearing only lingerie who’s a helluva fighter. They tangle before discovering they both know Dolls.

Meanwhile, Waverly’s helping Nicole (Katherine Barrell) with her wounds. They kiss, but Nicole’s a little tender so it ends abruptly. Even a short but passionate kiss however leads Nicole to wonder why Waverly tastes different. That question’s left unanswered as Doc wanders into the kitchen in search of sweet tea. Doc, who was trying to be a gentlemen, has the opportunity for a chat with Waverly after Nicole heads out to feed her cat. He wants to know how Waverly’s handling Willow’s death and she claims she’s fine, even adding she feels strong. However, she’s worried Wynonna’s really pushing herself hard and hasn’t rested.

Back in the hotel room, Eliza (Rachel Skarsten) gets dressed and insults Wynonna’s ability to sneak up on people. Wynonna, not one to take an insult, boasts that she’s a big deal in these here parts. Saying she’s the Earp heir doesn’t impress Dolls’ lady friend, but she does stop short when Wynonna reveals Black Badge took him. Eliza grabs a hidden file folder and tells Wynonna Dolls will be on his way to Black Rock where he’ll likely die within two months.

Wynonna’s determined to save Dolls which means these tough-ass women are about to team up!

Wynonna gathers her team and they’re dumbstruck to learn Dolls actually has a friend that weren’t aware of. After getting over the initial shock, #TeamEarp starts work on figuring out how to break into the secured facility where’s he’s being held. Eliza warns everyone guns are not allowed at the site and Doc’s happy that means they’ll be going old-school during this operation.

Waverly pulls Wynonna aside, concerned over her health. Waverly points out Wynonna’s not sleeping and that she has to be affected by the fact she shot Willow. They hug and Wynonna worries she’s dragging Waverly into yet another risky situation. Waverly reminds her Dolls is her friend, too.

Wynonna’s rescue plan begins by knocking out the Black Badge team at the station and grabbing Dolls’ medication. Unfortunately, the case where it’s supposed to be kept is empty. Fortunately, Doc has one vial. But, neither Eliza nor Doc want to explain to Wynonna why Dolls needs medication. Doc draws the short straw and compliments Dolls’ many positive attributes before mentioning Dolls is not a man at all.

After changing into the Black Badge team’s Hazmat suits and grabbing their IDs, Wynonna and Doc make it into the secured facility. Eliza meets them inside after cutting the alarm system wires.

Waverly and Nicole load up with weapons, but Nicole’s still leery of the way Waverly’s acting. Waverly assures her she’s still “her Waverly,” and that she’s acting weird because she promised Wynonna she wouldn’t give away her plan.

Back at the facility, Eliza’s badge doesn’t work and Doc and Wynonna think Eliza’s backstabbed them. She swears she didn’t, but Wynonna’s forced into going with Plan B which involves Waverly (complete with glasses, a bun, and a British accent) delivering the head of the big-mouth demon, the Devourer of Souls, to the facility. She tries to make it past the security guard by claiming she’s with Scotland Yard, and maybe her leather skirt and stilettos help convince the guard she’s legitimate.

Elsewhere in the facility, Agent Lucado (Kate Drummond) is taunting Dolls, enjoying his pain just a little too much. She hates Dolls because he left her husband to die and chose to save Eliza instead. She shows him her phone with a live shot of Wynonna, Doc, and Eliza trapped in the facility.

Waverly makes her way into a lab where creatures are being kept locked up behind bars. She calls Wynonna and Wynonna tells her they have to put Plan C into motion.

While they’re trapped and waiting for rescue, Eliza reveals Black Badge did something to she and Dolls that altered them into something other than human. Her lizard eyes flash as she explains she was trying to help him find out what they are now. Eliza also explains it’s possible Dolls won’t be able to control himself, if they ever make it to his secured location.

In the lab, Waverly’s flirting up a storm but the guy’s not buying what she’s selling. However, he is helpful when it comes to computers and she somehow makes him explain how to open all the doors. Once she knows how to do that, Waverly hits him on the head. Unfortunately, that doesn’t knock him out but it does make his head bleed and blood is super attractive to the Devourer of Souls. It busts out of its cell and they barely manage to escape the room.

Once outside the lab’s door, Waverly drops the accent and confesses what’s really going on. He agrees to help her rescue Dolls, even though she hit him over the head.

The doors open, alarms sound, and lights flash, but Eliza says this isn’t good news. Wynonna declares she’s not leaving without Dolls, and while they’re arguing Doc leaves the hallway and closes the door behind him. He’s going after Dolls on his own. He tells Wynonna he will take care of it because she’s done enough, and then he sends her off to save Waverly.

Waverly and her new friend are still crouched outside the lab door trying not to get eaten by the Devourer of Souls.

Doc makes it to Dolls’ cell and Agent Lucado can’t believe he came alone. She holds him at gunpoint and he’s surprised since this is a no-guns-allowed facility. He opens his coat to reveal he’s packing sticks of dynamite, and he’s willing to blow them all up if she doesn’t free Dolls. She backs up as he advances and doesn’t realize until too late that Dolls is within striking distance. He grabs her and chokes her enough to knock her out. Doc uses Lucado’s badge to free Dolls, but he’s in bad shape and needs to lean on his rescuer.

Eliza and Wynonna team up to fight their way to Waverly, while Waverly and the lab tech quietly re-enter the lab. The Devourer of Souls is about to attack but Waverly makes him back down simply by smiling, eyes now completely black as she advances toward him. Wynonna shows up, grabs the Colt out of the dead Devourer’s head in Waverly’s bag, and kills the beast.

Doc hands the vial to Dolls and since Dolls doesn’t have a needle, he drips its contents into his eye. He whispers something to Doc and then Doc, who’s feeling naked without his hat, tells him to run as he faces off against two agents.

Waverly, Wynonna, Eliza, and the lab guy are stopped in their tracks by Lucado. She threatens to shoot them all but then is told to stand down by her superior (Kevin Hanchard). Wynonna stands up for #TeamEarp, reminding him she’s the only person capable of taking down Wyatt’s Revenants. The boss doesn’t care about that since Wynonna now has other beasts to deal with, and then he reveals he was going to bomb Purgatory but Dolls stopped it. And then he drops a different sort of bomb, demanding #TeamEarp patrol the Ghost River Triangle on behalf of Black Badge. They’re forced into signing a contract in blood after Eliza is shot dead for refusing to take orders. He promises to help Wynonna break the Earp curse if she deals with the dozen demonic horrors now loose in the Ghost River Triangle.

Back at home, Wynonna finally breaks down and cries while holding a stuffed rabbit. A light flashes in her eyes through the window and she heads outside to hunt down its source. She finds a key hanging from a tree branch and then looks up to find Dolls smiling down at her from a nearby hill.

The next morning Wynonna and Waverly discuss plans over coffee. Wynonna says hunting demons in winter sounds like fun while Waverly thinks it’ll be messy. Wynonna says her only real job now is to keep her baby sister safe. (If only she knew what her kid sister was really capable of…)