‘Wynonna Earp’ Season 3: Melanie Scrofano on the Earp Sisters and Baby Alice

The stars of Syfy’s Wynonna Earp once again made the trek to the San Diego Comic Con to talk to Earpers about the new season. A screening of season three episode one was a hot ticket at the Con, and fans were rewarded for their support of the series with the announcement of a fourth season.

In addition to all the fan events and a packed panel, the cast participated in interviews in support of season three. In our interview with Wynonna Earp star Melanie Scrofano, we discussed what fans can expect from the new season, the Earp sisters, baby Alice, and the first episode’s Jason Momoa references.

The first episode of the season was a gamechanger right out of the box. How much more can we expect the tone or the action to change over the course of this season?

Melanie Scrofano: “Well, you definitely get… Listen, episode one – ask Emily – but I’m pretty sure the intention was just to say don’t forget who Wynonna is. She’s fun, she’s wild, she’s crazy. She’s kickass. So, Wynonna looks quite different. She really wanted to show that I wasn’t pregnant anymore. And then after that we really get back into the world of Purgatory and of the demons we know and the demons we don’t. But, we continue with the characters and all that. I think episode one the vampires seem like just this fun, crazy thing, but I hope I can say it will have repercussions later that flow from episode one.”

Are the Jason Momoa jokes going to be a running gag or was that a one-off?

Melanie Scrofano: “I have worked with him. I worked with him. You know what? I’m going to tell you this. When I was pregnant with my first child we were shooting a movie and he was encouraging me to have a water birth. And now he’s motherf**king Aquaman! (Laughing) But, I’m telling you he spent an hour telling me how to have a water birth. And I’m like, ‘But who cleans up after?’ And he’s like, ‘Don’t worry – the midwives.’ I’m like, ‘I don’t think that sounds fun.’ And then now he’s Aquaman; it’s so good.”

Does the baby factor into the story this season?

Melanie Scrofano: “Alice is a huge part of everybody’s relationships now. So, just because she’s gone certainly does not mean she’s forgotten.”

Is there a moment in the upcoming season that you’re really excited for the fans to see?

Melanie Scrofano: “Yes. Man, there’s so much. Episode two is great. I love episode two and I hate episode two. Shamier (Anderson) said before, he said, ‘One word to describe season three – unexpected.’ That is what it is. Emily’s great gift is doing what you don’t expect and then going, ‘Oh my god, it’s too early for that!’ Like, ‘Wynonna gets pregnant in season two?’ Like, ‘No, that’s a season five move.’ But, no, and then how do you top that? She just challenges herself to do something and then top it.”

Can you talk about Megan Follows as Mama Earp?

Melanie Scrofano: “Yeah. Megan is great. She is a consummate professional and really just strives to… You know, it’s hard to come into a genre show where you haven’t been a part of it. We built a mythology and now she’s just hopping in in season three and has barely any clue. She worked diligently to try to understand and really connect to what we had created. She didn’t just go, ‘I’m going to bring my own.’ She would watch how I move because she was like, ‘I want to show where she comes from.’ So, she would watch how I moved and she would move the same way. She was tireless at trying to honor the Earp sisters and show where they came from.”

The most important relationship in the show is with the sisters. How will that change when secrets are revealed?

Melanie Scrofano: “I think at the end of the day, it’s always going to be the Earp curse is the focus, that is our overriding objective. Having said that, in her down moments, it will cause some (problems). And it’s interesting because Nicole who has Waverly’s back also might not be impressed that her girlfriend was hurt by our actions. So, it may cause some interesting dynamics but at the end of the day, the Earp sisters have to work together. We have our common goal and we’ve got each other’s backs.”

Last year was really emotional for you. Is this year a little bit lighter?

Melanie Scrofano: “It’s just different. There’s sort of an acceptance, like I think with the Alice thing there’s an acceptance of what has to be done but then some new challenges come up. There’s some new tests and they’re just as hard but different.”

Wynonna Earp star Melanie Scrofano
Melanie Scrofano attends the ‘Wynonna Earp’ Press Room at the San Diego Comic Con (Photo by: Randy Shropshire/SYFY)