Christian Bale Pays a Visit to Shooting Victims

Christian Bale Visits Colorado Shooting Victims
Christian Bale meets with Swedish staff members at the Medical Center of Aurora - Photo Credit: Swedish Medical Center Staff Member
The Dark Knight Rises star Christian Bale visited victims of the Aurora, Colorado shooting in area hospitals this afternoon. Bale, who did not want the media alerted and wasn’t there representing Warner Bros Pictures, reportedly met with patients, doctors and first responders during his trip to Colorado.

The Denver Post spoke to the Medical Center of Aurora’s interim president Bill Voloch who confirmed that the Oscar-winning actor spent 2 1/2 hours at the hospital. “They are obviously big fans of his movies. They wanted to see Batman and were really pleased to see Bale,” said Voloch in an interview with The Denver Post.

Following the horrible events of last Friday, Bale had issued this statement:

Words cannot express the horror that I feel. I cannot begin to truly understand the pain and grief of the victims and their loved ones, but my heart goes out to them.”