Book Review: ‘Finding Colin Firth’

Finding Colin Firth Book Review

Colin Firth is coming to a small town in Maine and the lives of three women will never be the same. Finding Colin Firth by Mia March centers on the converging lives of three women in Boothbay Harbor and the movie, starring Colin Firth, being filmed there.

22-year-old Bea Crane has just found out she is adopted and her world is completely shaken. Her birth mother, Veronica Russo, is a waitress who has recently relocated to her hometown of Boothbay Harbor. Veronica has continually updated her wherabouts and contact information through the adoption agency that handled Bea’s adoption. 16 when she became pregnant, Veronica was sent to Hope Haven – a local home for unwed mothers – by a very unsupportive family. She hasn’t seen or heard from her daughter since moments after giving birth. Famous in the small town town for her wonderful “elixir” pies, she has come home to face her past and, hopefully, rid herself of the pain she has held inside the last 22 years.

Bea quits her dead-end waitress job and travels to Maine to locate and meet her birth mother. Unsure if she will have the nerve and emotional strength to actually meet Veronica, we follow along as Bea tracks down the events and people surrounding her birth. Will she meet Veronica and her birth father? What will their reaction be to seeing her? And, what will her reaction be to seeing them?

The third woman is Gemma Hendricks. Gemma and her husband live in New York, where he is a prosecutor and she is a journalist. Things aren’t great, though, because Gemma has just lost her job, her husband wants to move to a small town next to his overbearing parents, and her pregnancy test has come back positive. Having spent summers with friends in Boothbay Harbor, she goes there for a weekend that turns into three weeks when she lands a job with the regional newspaper. Her assignment is to write a human interest article on Hope Haven. At the same time, she is hoping to get an interview with Colin Firth in the hopes that this will greatly help out of her career’s downward spiral.

Gemma’s research for the Hope Haven article leads her to Veronica and Bea. The complex lives of the three women, decisions they made and need to make, and a chance to experience life in a small town are wonderfully woven in this book. Throw in each woman’s enchantment with Colin Firth and a whole town bristling with the excitement of catching a glance of him, and the result is a great read.

– Reviewed by Karen Mitchell

Published Date: July 9th 2013

Genres: Chick Lit, Fiction, Drama, Romance

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