First Pic from 7500

EW has debuted the first photo from 7500, the thriller on a plane (minus the snakes, we believe) directed by The Grudge filmmaker Takashi Shimizu. The film, which is set for release on August 31, 2012 from CBS Films, finds passengers on a flight from LA to Tokyo dealing with what seems to be a supernatural force.

Speaking to EW, Ryan Kwanten (known to millions of True Blood fans as ‘Jason Stackhouse’) described 7500 as a haunted house movie on a plane. “[…]The passengers must choose to [either] band together or become loose cannons and start looking out for themselves. It’s a survival-of-the-fittest type thing,” explained Kwanten.

First photo from 7500
First photo from '7500' - CBS Films
(From left to right: Amy Smart, Ryan Kwanten, Jerry Ferrara , Nicky Whelan and and Scout Taylor-Compton)