A Bird of the Air – Trailer, Photos and Cast

Rachel Nichols and Jackson Hurst in 'A Bird of the Air'

Rachel Nichols and Jackson Hurst in 'A Bird of the Air' - Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr./Paladin Film

Starring: Rachel Nichols and Jackson Hurst) [full cast list under the ‘Cast’ tab]Directed By: Margaret Whitton
Release Date: September 23, 2011
Genre: Romantic comedy
Running Time: To be determined
MPAA Rating: Not yet rated
News: Oscar the Parrot passes away
Official Synopsis: A sassy parrot and a free-spirited librarian upend the well-ordered life of a solitary man.
Lyman (Jackson Hurst) is a loner, working the graveyard shift for the Courtesy Patrol. When a green parrot flies in to his trailer he becomes obsessed with finding its owner, which leads him to Fiona (Rachel Nichols). She has been eyeing Lyman from a distance and decides to help with his parrot search, whether he wants her to or not. Along with her basset hound, they set out on a quest to find the bird’s previous owners and Fiona begins to unravel the mysteries of Lyman’s past. But when Fiona joins Lyman on his nightly rounds, she witnesses a reality more intense than the romantic version she had envisioned.


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