‘What’s Your Number?’ – Anna Faris Interview

Anna Faris in What's Your Number?
Anna Faris in 'What's Your Number?' - © 20th Century Fox

Anna Faris (best known for her starring role in the Scary Movie franchise) stars in and executive produces the romantic comedy What’s Your Number? coming to theaters on September 30, 2011. Faris plays a woman who’s hit her sexual limit and decides it’s time to reexamine all the guys she’s slept with just in case one was actually ‘the one’ and she didn’t even notice it at the time they were dating. In this video courtesy of 20th Century Fox, Faris talks about the story, working with Chris Evans (Captain America, Puncture), the cast, and playing a raunchy character in this R-rated comedy.

The Plot: A woman, having hit her sexual limit at 20 men, decides to track down the other 19 guys in hopes that she’s overlooked one who could be “the one.”

Watch the Anna Faris interview:

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