‘Buddymoon’ Movie Review

Buddymoon David Giuntoli and Flula Borg
David Giuntoli and Flula Borg star in ‘Buddymoon.’

Grimm star David Giuntoli spent some of his hiatus from the popular NBC series hiking in the Oregon wilderness with two of his good friends, Flula Borg and Alex Simmons, but the trio wasn’t just out having a good time exploring the great outdoors. The former roommates were shooting the independent comedy/bromance Buddymoon (formerly known as Honey Buddies) with Giuntoli and Borg as the stars. Simmons, whose background is in documentaries, tackled much lighter fare directing the 80-minute entertaining romp through the Oregon woods.

The film’s premise is simple. David (played by Giuntoli) is left on the way to the altar by his fiancée. Drowning himself in wine meant for the reception, David is soon rescued from drowning his sorrows in alcohol by his BFF Flula (Borg) who somehow persuades him to go ahead and go on his planned honeymoon hike through the woods. Flula even volunteers to be David’s substitute +1. David, who’s waiting to hear if he got a role in a production about explorers Lewis and Clark, agrees to head out for some rest and relaxation away from his apartment and the memories it holds of a happier time with his ex-fiancée. Seven days of fresh air in the wilderness should do him some good, plus the hike will give him time to work on lines for the Lewis and Clark gig.

So, off the merry adventurers go for a week of off-the-grid male bonding. During their adventure in the woods they come across a weird survivalist dude, a group of singing/guitar playing hikers that includes a blonde cutie who’s attracted to David (played by Giuntoli’s Grimm co-star Claire Coffee), and a real wolf. Pranks, psychedelic mushrooms, and matching bright orange T-shirts with the German phrase “Honig Kumel” (“Honey Buddies”) help David shed his gloomy mood. Flula’s energy is contagious and David can’t help but relax, have a good time, and view his romantic disappointment from a fresh perspective.

Buddymoon features some absolutely spectacular scenery which Simmons smartly spotlights whenever the film hits a slow point. The genuine friendship between co-stars Giuntoli and Borg is evident in every frame, and Borg’s gigantic, quirky personality provides the movie with its funniest moments. Borg’s best known as a YouTube star and the scene-stealer from Pitch Perfect 2, and with Buddymoon he proves he can charm his way through a feature film without his over-the-top style of delivery wearing thin.

The film’s truly a two-man show and both Giuntoli and Borg play their parts perfectly. Giuntoli’s more of the straight man to Borg’s free-spirited character, but even so his Buddymoon character gets in his fair share of humorous lines.

2016’s big budgeted studio releases have been more bombs than blockbusters, and it’s refreshing to come across an indie gem like this that’s surprisingly fresh and original. Buddymoon’s one of the more enjoyable films of the bromance comedy subgenre and an entertaining alternative to the normal big-budgeted, CG-heavy summer fare.

Directed By: Alex Simmons
Written By: Alex Simmons, David Giuntoli, and Flula Borg
Running Time: 80 minutes
Release Date: July 1, 2016