Homeland‘s Damian Lewis Stars in Desire

Desire Starring Damian Lewis
The all-new Jaguar F-TYPE on location during the filming of ‘Desire,’ a short film in collaboration with Ridley Scott Associates, starring Emmy Award-winning actor Damian Lewis and music by Lana Del Rey.
Producer Ridley Scott, director Adam Smith, and Jaguar team up for this 13 minute short film which finds Damian Lewis and Shannyn Sossamon being chased by bad guys led by Jordi Molla. Desire, which premiered at the Sundance London film and music festival, promotes the new Jaguar F-TYPE and tells a story that director Smith describes as “a real adventure; a story of betrayal, retribution, passion and greed.”
Smith went on to say: “Working with Damian, Shannyn and Jordi has genuinely been a privilege. To see actors of that caliber at work and to watch them contribute massively to the development of their own characters really brought them to life, which has all together made this an incredible film to be a part of.”
Shot in Chile’s Atacama desert, Desire features a new Lana Del Rey track, “Burning Desire.” “Film has always been so precious to me and I’m so proud to be a part of what Jaguar have envisioned for their new car with Damian Lewis,” explained Del Rey. “Making art means making tough decisions. I do believe you create your own life path and that you will be rewarded for following your passions – and sticking to it. It’s just good to know now, with people like Jaguar and working with them, that I’m not the only one out there with such strident, creative beliefs.”
The Plot:
Desire tells the story of Clark (Lewis), who delivers cars for a living, running into trouble after a chance encounter with a mysterious, young woman in the middle of a lawless desert.
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