Funny or Die’s Take on Why Women Don’t Direct Big Action Films

Funny or Die: Why Women Don't Direct Big Action Movies

Nisha Ganatra (Transparent), Nicole Holofcener (Enough Said), Anne Fletcher (Hot Pursuit), Shira Piven (Welcome to Me), and Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight) interview for the job of directing the action tentpole Space Cops 4. The panel of male studio executives, played by Max Greenfield, Will Hines, and Ryan Stanger, have no desire to actually hear the ideas for the film from the female directors and instead resort to miming gun battles and car crashes as though the women have no clue how to make an action film.

The Funny or Die tagline: “Hollywood’s leading female directors are interviewed by big-wig execs to see if they’ll pander to the studio’s vision for the next blockbuster movie.”

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