‘Incredibles 2’ Movie Review: Good But Not Quite Incredible

“Why would they change math? Math is math,” says stay-at-home parent Bob Parr (voiced by Craig T. Nelson) as he tries to help his son Dash (voiced by Huck Milner) with his homework in the sequel that took 14 years to make, Incredibles 2.

The film picks up right after the end of the first animated blockbuster, with the superhero family trying to stop a master villain from robbing a bank and destroying property with his massive digging vehicle. Not only does the villain escape, but there’s major property damage done to the city due to the Incredibles attempting to stop him and save lives. This cements the case for superheroes being outlawed and restricted from using their powers.

A few days later, Frozone (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson) finds the Parrs staying in a motel and tells them about a rich businessman named Winston Deavor (voiced by Bob Odenkirk) whose goal it is to bring superheroes back to the spotlight. He wants to show how much citizens need superheroes to keep society safe.

Deavor’s plan is to make Elastigirl (voiced by Holly Hunter) the poster woman for heroes everywhere, showcasing her as she saves the city from dangerous criminals and from disasters. While Elastigirl is busy being a hero, her husband Bob must hold down the fort. His job is to help Dash with his homework (including, gasp, new math!), Violet (voiced by Sarah Vowell) with her boy troubles, and baby Jack-Jack learn to control his many superpowers.

When a new villain sets out to destroy Elastigirl and wreak havoc on the city, it’s going to take the entire family of Incredibles, and their friend Frozone, working together to stop him and save the city.

Packed with action, lots of humor, and a little heart, Incredibles 2 is an entertaining, great-looking sequel and solid follow-up to its predecessor. Where it stumbles is in failing to introduce anything new or original to the main characters and the world they live in. This is more of a re-tooling of the first film than a sequel which usually gives the characters new arcs and issues to resolve.

The best storyline this time out involves baby Jack-Jack’s powers and how Bob, Violet, and Dash attempt to deal with them while not destroying their new huge house. Jack-Jack’s siblings and dad have to try and keep him under control while not letting his mom, Elastigirl, find out since she’s out trying to get superheroes legal again. All of the best humor and laugh out loud scenes involve baby Jack-Jack, in particular the scene where Jack-Jack goes up against a scrappy – and shocked – raccoon in the back yard.

The struggle and plotline of Bob being a “Mr. Mom” goes on way too long, as does the film itself at almost a full two hours. The subplot of Violet not being able to get over her first potential date forgetting about her due to some superhero antics adds zero laughs or interest to the film.

Most of the voice actors reprise their roles and do a great job bringing these characters to life. One addition to the main cast this time around is Huck Milner who voices Dash. Milner replaces original voice actor, Spencer Fox, whose voice has deepened since the first film.

Visually, the animation is terrific but not groundbreaking as it was years ago when Pixar introduced Toy Story and Finding Nemo.

Incredibles 2 is an above average, action-packed, and funny animated movie. Unfortunately, it just isn’t as incredible as the original film.


MPAA Rating: PG for action sequences and some brief mild language

Release Date: June 15, 2018

Running Time: 1 hour 58 minutes

Directed By: Brad Bird

Incredibles 2 Movie Review
A scene from ‘Incredibles 2’ (Photo © 2018 Disney•Pixar)