‘Monkey Kingdom’ Blu-ray Review

Monkey Kingdom Blu-Ray Combo Pack Review
A scene from ‘Monkey Kingdom’ (Photo © Disneynature)

Disneynature’s Monkey Kingdom is a riveting look at a troop of monkeys that reside in ruins in South Asia. The film explores the group’s hierarchy and class system, focusing on one of the lower class monkeys who the filmmakers have named Maya. Maya’s a quiet, clever, and independent monkey who understands her place in the troop but ultimately strives to better her standing through her resourcefulness when the group is faced with what seems to be an insurmountable challenge: regain their territory after a rival troop forces them out of their home.

The film is stunningly shot and the story, as narrated by Tina Fey, is alternately humorous and heart-wrenching. Co-directors Mark Linfield and Alastair Fothergill previously teamed up on Disneynature’s Chimpanzee and Earth and their work on Monkey Kingdom is their best to date. Monkey Kingdom is gorgeous and emotionally engaging, and the film loses none of its quality in the leap to home video in a Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD).

Once again Disneynature has provided high quality behind-the-scenes featurettes as part of the Blu-ray release. Monkey Kingdom‘s best extra feature is “Tales From The Kingdom” which provides an incredible look at the challenges of shooting not only the monkey troop at the heart of the film but also the other animals that are part of the story, including the elusive cheetah. The bonus material also includes the “It’s Our World” music video performed by Jacquie Lee as well as featurettes on Disneynature’s conservation efforts. And as part of the studio’s conservation efforts, a donation will be made to Conservation International for every digital and Blu-ray Combo Pack sold during the film’s first week on home video.

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