The Conjuring Video – “Possession”

The Conjuring is the scariest movie since The Exorcist. True story: the studio sent me a doll that looks like the one from the film as part of the promotional material for The Conjuring. It was creepy-looking but having not yet seen the film when I opened the package, I wasn’t freaked out by it being in my house. Then…that evening I saw a screening of the horror film. My immediate reaction upon leaving the screening was to call my husband and demand he get rid of the doll before I got home. I didn’t want it in a closet, the garage, or anywhere inside my house where I might just randomly come upon it. Of course having not seen the movie my husband thought I was overreacting. And to that I say just wait until it comes out on Blu-ray, then we’ll see how he feels having that thing in our house.
Anyway, Warner Bros has just released this new video “Possession” with audience reactions and clips from the movie. Enjoy.
Watch the trailer:


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