Take a Look at The Iceman

Poster for The IcemanBased on true events, The Iceman finds Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire, Premium Rush) starring as contract killer Richard ‘The Iceman’ Kuklinski. Back in 1986, Kuklinski was convicted of murdering 100 men as a hitman for various crime organizations in New York.
The Plot:
The Iceman follows Richard Kuklinski (Shannon) from his early days in the mob until his arrest in 1986. Appearing to be living the American dream with his beautiful wife, Deborah Pellicotti (Winona Ryder) and their children, in reality he is a killer-for-hire able to keep his “job” hidden from his family. When he is finally arrested by the feds in 1986, neither his wife and daughters nor their neighbors have any clue that he is a murderer. Why did he do it and how did he get away with it for so long?
The cast also includes Ray Liotta, James Franco, Chris Evans, Robert Davi, and David Schwimmer.
Watch the trailer: