Filmmaker David Lynch Adds Recording Artist to His Resume


David LynchOscar nominated writer/director David Lynch, the filmmaker behind Blue Velvet, Mulholland Dr, and The Elephant Man, will be releasing a solo album titled Crazy Clown Time. Set for a November 8, 2011 release, Crazy Clown Time will feature 14 original songs written, produced and performed by Lynch.
Crazy Clown Time was recorded over several months at Lynch’s Asymmetrical Studio. On the recording process, Lynch said it was full of ‘happy creative accidents’. “There were so many accidents; this album should be in the hospital,” joked Lynch.
“The love of experimenting with sound and music is what’s driving this boat,” explained the self-taught ‘non-musician’. “All of the songs on the album started as a jam. The jams eventually found a form and lyrics appeared.”
Lynch describes his songs as “modern blues” and believes the lyrics and rhythms will resonate with fans of his films.

Crazy Clown Time Track List

1. “Pinky’s Dream”
2. “Good Day Today”
3. “So Glad”
4. “Noah’s Ark”
5. “Football Game”
6. “I Know”
7. “Strange and Unproductive Thinking”
8. “The Night Bell With Lightning”
9. “Stone’s Gone Up”
10. “Crazy Clown Time”
11. “These Are My Friends”
12. “Speed Roadster”
13. “Movin’ On”
14. “She Rise Up”

From the press release:
“Lynch’s passion for music has always figured prominently into his filmmaking, starting with his feature debut Eraserhead (1977) – which included “In Heaven,” a song he wrote with Peter Ivers – and continuing through to his most recent work, Inland Empire (2006) – which featured several tracks penned by Lynch.
Four years ago, motivated by his growing musical ambitions, Lynch became the eponymous creator of the David Lynch Music Company. Then, in 2010, he transformed his Web site ( into an immersive digital archive the offers material released by David Lynch Music Company since its launch, plus unreleased singles, experiments and instrumentals created by Lynch and collaborators throughout the years.”

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