Dane Cook’s Answers to Nothing Finds a Home

Dane Cook in Answers to Nothing

Dane Cook in 'Answers to Nothing' - © Roadside Attractions

Roadside Attractions has picked up the US distribution rights to Answers to Nothing starring Dane Cook. Cook’s best known for comedy, but with Answers to Nothing he’s stretching his muscles and tackling a dramatic role. Also starring in Answers to Nothing are Elizabeth Mitchell, Julie Benz, Barbara Hershey, Zach Gilford, Kali Hawk, Erik Palladino, Mark Kelly, Aja Volkman, and Miranda Bailey.
Roadside Attractions is planning a December 2, 2011 release of Answers to Nothing.
“This is the most personal film I have ever made so getting it in the hands of a company like Roadside is a dream come true. They have an amazing track record with thought provoking independent movies and I am thrilled that they believe in our film as much as we do,” said writer/director Matthew Leutwyler.
“It’s great to see Dane in an unexpected dramatic role, and he hits it out of the park in this strong film,” said Howard Cohen, Co-President of Roadside Attractions.
The Plot:
Answers to Nothing is a gritty drama of interweaving stories set in Los Angeles against the backdrop of a child kidnapping case.
Source: Roadside Attractions – August 9, 2011


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