Music Spotlight: “Same Girl” by Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Same Girl VideoJennifer Lopez calls her “Same Girl” music video shoot spontaneous and creative, and says she doesn’t always like to have everything planned out. Lopez, who revisited the Bronx for the shoot, said, “I called my girlfriends and some photographer friends. We just grabbed a camera, jumped on the train, left the city, and ran around the Bronx. We found some interesting places that captured the essence of what it was like to live there and made me remember the simplicity of life I used to have there. The rest was real life.”
Lopez also admits this video shoot was the craziest thing she’d done in her movie and/or music career. “It’s important to know where you’re from so you can see where you are going,” offered Lopez on her approach to making the “Same Girl” video.
Watch the video:

-Posted by Rebecca Murray

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