Jessica Sanchez Video: “I Will Always Love You”

American Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez was asked by Billboard to be a part of a tribute to Whitney Houston marking the one year anniversary of the award-winning singer’s death. And Sanchez, who says Houston was her biggest inspiration, was honored to be chosen to sing one of the vocal legend’s greatest hits.
“Everything that Whitney did, she really made her mark,” said Sanchez in her interview with “The Bodyguard, I love that movie and the reason I sang ‘I Will Always Love You’ today is that is one of my favorite songs from her. It was just an amazing record and it really touched everybody. I don’t think anybody ever could sing it like her or imitate it like her – I don’t care who it is.”
According to Billboard, Houston’s version of “I Will Always Love You” remained on the #1 spot on the Hot 100 chart for 14 weeks.
Watch the video:


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