Katy B’s On a Mission Debuts in September

Katy B On a Mission
Katy B 'On a Mission' - (Photo: PRNewsFoto/Columbia Records)

UK pop singer Katy B will release her first album, On a Mission, on September 13, 2011 in the US. The 22 year old singer’s first single, “Katy on a Mission,” is already available on iTunes, and the album had its debut in the UK in April. On a Mission hit #2 on the charts and is now certified Gold and had three Top 10 singles: “Katy On A Mission,” “Lights On” and “Broken Record.”

From the official press release:

In May, Rolling Stone selected Katy as one of their “Artists to Watch” profiling the young singer’s unique musical sound. “Katy B….has quickly made a name for herself as the first lady of UK dance,” says Billboard, while The New York Times states “her soft voice turns a challenge into seduction,” further to that point The Fader describes Katy as “Casually warm and brimming with girlish confidence, she is the embodiment of raving Britain grown up on neo-soul,” Pitchfork agreed by giving On A Mission an 8.1 score saying that Katy is “…a genre-spanning pop singer who isn’t tied down to a single thing.”

From Peckham, South London comes a girl passionate for dance, songwriting and singing. The first bona fide pop star to emerge from the dubstep and UK funky underground clubs championed by Rinse FM, Katy B encapsulates the sound, spirit and unrestrained energy of British youth culture right now. Combining the rhythms of a currently resurgent UK underground club scene with a song writing ear for the vernacular and songs that celebrate being young, staying up far too late raving and falling for the wrong boys, she’s a fresh new pop star.

Katy B made her U.S. live debut in New York City on June 6, 2011 as part of the Steve Madden Summer Music Series and left event goers wanting more. CosmoGirl raved of Katy’s recent debut: “Just like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, Katy B’s songs are so good you won’t be able to get them out of your head. It may not be long before she joins these artists on the top of the charts!” The Village Voice agreed saying “Katy, whose voice brings to mind freestyle divas as much as it does Aaliyah, soars over the fantastic pop amalgam created by her and her producers, which is stuffed with nods to dubstep, UK garage, funky, and other bits scavenged from the fringes of pop.”

On A Mission Track List:

1. Power On Me
2. Katy On A Mission
3. Why You Always Here
4. Witches Brew
5. Movement
6. Go Away
7. Disappear
8. Broken Record
9. Lights On
10. Easy Please Me
11. Perfect Stranger
12. Hard To Get

Source: Columbia Records – July 12, 2011