’99 Homes’ with Andrew Garfield Finds a Home at Broad Green Pictures

99 Homes with Michael Shannon and Andrew Garfield News
Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon in ’99 Homes’

99 Homes starring Andrew Garfield, Michael Shannon, and Laura Dern has been picked up for US distribution by Broad Green Pictures. Co-written and directed by Ramin Bahrani, the film’s been hot on the festival circuit, playing at Venice, Telluride, and the Toronto Film Festivals. And for those who didn’t catch it during that festival run, 99 Homes will open in theaters in spring 2015.

“I’m very happy to partner with Broad Green Pictures. Their passion and plan for this film felt like the perfect way to bring it to the US,” said Bahrani. “What excited me the most was to see that audiences’ reactions in all the festivals was so tremendous. Their passionate and visceral reaction convinced all of us that the country needs and wants to see a film like this. I’m thrilled to have such committed partners to make sure this film reaches a very wide audience.”

Commenting on the acquisition, Broad Green Pictures’ Chief Creative Officer Daniel Hammond said, “We are so excited to have the opportunity to support the incredible message behind the vision of a world class filmmaker and the performances of Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon. Broad Green could not be more excited to share this film with as wide of an audience as possible and create real world changes for the themes it represents.”

The Plot:

99 Homes is set in sunny Orlando, Florida, where construction worker Dennis Nash (Andrew Garfield) is evicted from his home by a charismatic, gun-toting real-estate broker Mike Carver (Michael Shannon), and forced to move his mom (Laura Dern) and young son into a shabby motel. Carver seduces Nash into a risky world of stealing from banks and the government. Nash makes big money; but there’s a cost. On Carver’s orders, Nash must evict honest families from their homes – just as it happened to him- and will have to choose between destroying an honest man for the ultimate win or going against Carver and finding redemption.

-By Rebecca Murray

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