‘The Bastard Executioner’ Preview: Premiering September 15 on FX

The Bastard Executioner Series Preview
Katey Sagal and Kurt Sutter in ‘The Bastard Executioner’ season one (Photo by Ollie Upton / FX)

We’re only a week away from the much-anticipated premiere of Kurt Sutter’s new FX television series, The Bastard Executioner. You may have seen the teaser promos, but what’s the series all about? We compiled all the info we could get our hands on to get ourselves ready for the premiere of the ten-part series on Tuesday, September 15, 2015!

First, you’ll definitely see some crossover from the cast of Sons of Anarchy to the new series. Timothy V. Murphy and Katey Sagal have joined the cast, no doubt because of their relationship to Sutter (I mean, Katey’s his wife, so her casting was pretty much a no-brainer!) as well as the brilliance of the story. Murphy will play Father Ruskin and Sagal will portray Annora of the Alders. In addition, Sutter himself will be seen in every episode as The Dark Mute.

What we’ll also see is a bevy of new faces. There are plenty of cast members for whom the series is their breakout show, some even their first role. Sons certainly had some established actors in the lot, but they did skyrocket some to stardom (see Charlie Hunnam, whom women pretty much lose their minds for on an epic level). One of these new faces is Australian actor Lee Jones who, prior to Executioner, was mostly known for his work on stage rather than on screen. Jones will carry the lead role, Wilkin Brattle. Sutter seems to cast his roles well, so it will be interesting to see if outside of Sons he can pull off a successful show a second time.

Perhaps my main interest in the series is the swoon-worthy Stephen Moyer, best known to American audiences as Vampire Bill from True Blood. Moyer plays Milus Corbett who attempts to use the executioner to his political benefit. His character looks to be a bit of a baddie, which I’m certainly not going to complain about. Bring it on!

Enough about the cast! What about the story?

Just as Sons of Anarchy took us inside the fight for control of a dangerous political hierarchy, so too does The Bastard Executioner. The story is set in the 14th century, following reluctant-to-rise-to-power hero Wilkin Brattle, a former warrior who gave up his sword for a less violent life. After everything he holds dear is taken from him, Brattle is called to take on the job of a journeyman executioner in order to serve his destiny, while the Chamberlain Milus Corbett uses Brattle’s skills to help him rise up the political ladder. What that destiny is … you’ll just have to watch the series.

Oh, and don’t worry! Sutter’s gritty style is still firmly in place. You’re going to see a ton of violence, artfully done and all with a purpose.

Take a look at the brief teaser below – and prepare for retribution:

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