‘The Curse of Oak Island’ Returns on History Channel

Curse of Oak Island Season 2 Details
The cast of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ (Photo by ©2014 A+E Networks, LLC.)

Season two of The Curse of Oak Island is set to premiere on November 4, 2014 at 9pm ET/PT followed by the series premiere of Search for the Lost Giants at 10pm. Kevin Burns, Matt Ginsburg, Mike Stiller and Elaine Frontain Bryant are executive producers of The Curse of Oak Island and Search for the Lost Giants is executive produced by Ken Druckerman, Banks Tarver, Matt Ginsburg, Wendy Greene and Elaine Frontain Bryant.

Here’s the details on what viewers can expect from both shows when they debut in November:

In season two of The Curse of Oak Island, brothers Rick and Marty Lagina are ratcheting up their search for an elusive treasure that sits at the heart of a 200-year-old mystery. Located in the North Atlantic, Oak Island is believed by many to be hiding one of the greatest treasures in history. Since the late 1700’s, fortunes have been spent and lives have been lost, but no one has ever been able to crack the code to get at the prize. A prophecy says that seven people will die before the treasure is found. So far, six have perished in accidents across the years. In the new season, Rick and Marty are upping the stakes after their invigorating find of a 17th century coin they discovered at the end of season one. This time around, the brothers and their team of experts are digging deeper and pushing their search further. They will use new technology and explore new theories, hunting clues from around the world to find out what lies beneath Oak Island.

The bible says, “There were giants in the earth in those days.” In Search for the Lost Giants, brothers Bill and Jim Viera set off on a nationwide quest for the truth. Several years ago, these hard-working stonemasons stumbled upon something in the Massachusetts woods that would change their lives forever: the brothers found a set of ancient stone structures and tunnels that could be the clue to a lost civilization. Further research led them to dozens of published accounts of giant bones and skeletons, some of which were found in similar structures across the country. These stone structures could be the clue to a lost civilization of giants that has never been mentioned in the history books. According to articles from the turn of the 20th century and various town histories, many of the remains were those of 9-12 feet tall humanoids, with double rows of teeth. But none of the reported skeletons can be found in any museum. If a race of giants once existed, where is the evidence today?

In Search for the Lost Giants, the Vieira brothers take their search for proof across America. They’ll explore secret chambers, underground tunnels, and mysterious burial mounds. Their startling discoveries could ultimately unearth a secret chapter in American history.

-By Rebecca Murray

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