Details on Holliston‘s Season Two

A scene from FEARNet's HollistonThe horror comedy series Holliston will return for season two on June 4, 2013 at 10pm. FEARnet will be airing 10 new episodes during season two, four more than aired during season one.
Announcing the show’s return, FEARnet President and General Manager Peter Block said, “Holliston demonstrates not only the breadth of FEARnet’s programming, but also the broad reach of the horror culture. We surprised people by opting for a sitcom. Now, we’re going to surprise them with the places Holliston goes, as Season Two really celebrates the genre with episodes that mock, embrace and twist the types of scary movies we love.”
“We are thrilled with how quickly we’ve found an audience with this series and this cast,” added series creator Adam Green (the Hatchet films). “Holliston was designed to fill a missing gap in situational television comedies and speak directly to genre-fans who can’t typically find these types of themes or comedic sensibilities in the average sit-com.”
Holliston stars Green, Joe Lynch, Laura Ortiz, Corri English, Dave Brockie, and Dee Snider, and season two will feature appearances by Bailee Madison, David Naughton, Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris, and James Gunn.
The Plot:
Holliston stars Green and fellow real-life genre filmmaker Joe Lynch (Knights of Badassdom), as “Adam” and “Joe,” two aspiring horror filmmakers, dealing with the struggles of life, love, and career aspirations during the post-college period where nothing ever seems to work out like it should. With relatable storylines inspired by Green’s own life experiences that mash-up traditional situational comedy plot lines with popular horror genre-themes, Holliston is the hip and edgy horror-fueled sitcom that FEARnet fans had been waiting for and have now embraced whole heartedly.
Following the events of the first season, season two ups the ante of outrageousness, taking the show to a wide range of unexpected places. Highlights include the series’ first animated episode, finding the town attacked by a giant blob; a RINGU-inspired J-Horror episode; a Found Footage episode; and a one-hour season finale that will boast two special musical performances by the talented cast and a shocking final scene that will raise the dead. The second season will also feature some surprising twists and developments for the four main friends that will have a major impact on their lives and leave viewers anxious for more.
Source: FEARnet

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