‘Getting On’ Season Three December Episode Guide

Getting On Alex Borstein Laurie Metcalf Niecy Nash
Laurie Metcalf, Niecy Nash, and Alex Borstein in ‘Getting On’ (Photo: Lacey Terrell / HBO)
HBO’s released the details on the final episodes of the comedy series Getting On starring Laurie Metcalf, Niecy Nash, and Alex Borstein. Executive produced by Mark V. Olsen, Will Scheffer, Jane Tranter, Julie Gardner, Miguel Arteta, Geoff Atkinson, Jo Brand, Joanna Scanlan and Vicki Pepperdine, the third season – and the series – will wrap up on December 13, 2015.

Getting On December 2015 Episodes:

Episode #17 (season 3, episode 5): “Please Partake of a Memorial Orange”
Debut: SUNDAY, DEC. 6 (10:15-10:45 p.m. ET/PT)
Other HBO playdates: Dec. 6 (12:30 a.m., 2:15 a.m.), 7 (11:45 p.m.), 8 (3:55 p.m.), 9 (7:45 p.m., 4:40 a.m.) and 12 (1:15 a.m.)
HBO2 playdates: Dec. 7 (10:00 p.m.), 10 (5:45 p.m.), 12 (4:00 p.m.) and 20 (8:00 p.m.)
With the ward’s fate up in the air, DiDi (Niecy Nash) hunts for ways to save it, while dealing with pressure from Dawn (Alex Borstein) to be her health advocate. Troublemaking Varla (June Squibb) returns, and butts heads with her equally opinionated, long-lost daughter (Kristen Johnson). Caught in a mountain of lies, Jenna (Laurie Metcalf) comes clean to her husband, Richard (Daniel Stern). After a memorial service full of drama, the staff gets a rude awakening
Written by Mark V. Olsen & Will Scheffer; directed by Miguel Arteta.

Episode #18 (season 3, episode 6) “Reduced to Eating Boiled Magazines and Book Paste” (series finale)
Debut: SUNDAY, DEC. 13 (10:00-10:30 p.m.)
Other HBO playdates: Dec. 13 (12:55 a.m., 3:25 a.m.), 14 (12:55 a.m.), 15 (5:15 p.m.), 16 (10:30 p.m.) and 19 (3:55 a.m.)
HBO2 playdates: Dec. 14 (10:00 p.m.), 17 (5:50 p.m.), 19 (8:45 a.m.) and 20 (8:30 p.m.)
As the staff attempts to stave off the closure of Billy Barnes, DiDi takes to the picket lines in a last-ditch effort. Jenna tries to weasel her way out of a hastily made offer. Patsy (Mel Rodriguez) is intrigued by Margueritte’s (Lindsey Kraft) revelation during a secret-sharing session. After a ruse is exposed, Dawn inadvertently sets in motion a chaotic chain of events that seals the fate of the ward.
Written by Mark V. Olsen & Will Scheffer; directed by Miguel Arteta.