‘Jar of Hearts’ Novel of Murder and Betrayal Acquired by Cinelou Films

Jar of Hearts

Jennifer Hillier’s soon to be published novel Jar of Hearts has been acquired by Cinelou Films, as just announced by Mark Canton and Courtney Solomon. Hillier’s novel will be published by Minotaur Books after the publishing company won the worldwide rights in what’s described as a hard-fought auction. Minotaur Book is targeting a June 12, 2018 release date for Hillier’s fifth novel.

Cinelou Films partners Canton and Solomon made the announcement of the acquisition and will produce along with Danny Davids, Neil Canton, and David Hopwood. Author Jennifer Hillier is on board as an executive producer.

“I’m always looking for great thrillers to adapt for film but this stood out like no other,” said Mark Canton. “Jar of Hearts hooks you from the opening page and takes you on an intense journey full of incredibly wild twists and turns. It’s inherently cinematic and the central character, Georgina Shaw, has a depth and complexity that actors will find enticing.”

Minotaur Books Publisher Andrew Martin said, “Jennifer Hillier’s Jar of Hearts instantly holds readers in a death-grip of suspense and refuses to let go until they finish every last page. And even though they are released, they will never shake the memories. This has the potential to be a blockbuster bestseller – just imagine what the movie will be like!”

The Plot: A chilling tale of murder, betrayal and shocking secrets of the past that live on despite all attempts to silence them, Jar of Hearts focuses on the fall-out from a single night, 20 years before the story starts.

Jar of Hearts explores what happens when an obsessive past catches up with a deadly present. Nobody ever suspected that Georgina Shaw, executive and rising star at her Seattle pharmaceutical company, could have been involved in the disappearance of her best friend, missing since they were juniors in high school. But fourteen years later, Angela Wong’s remains are discovered and the evidence points to Calvin James, convicted murderer of three other women.

Calvin is a serial killer, but to Georgina, he was the boy she would do anything for, an obsessive love that sent her to prison for five long years. And now, more bodies are turning up, using the same Calvin James markers and sharing the same gruesome fate as Angela. As dark secrets are revealed, they uncover more chilling truths buried deep within.