Walt Disney Releases Let It Shine Soundtrack

Let It Shine
Walt Disney Records will be releasing the soundtrack to Let It Shine, the Disney Channel hip-hop musical airing on June 15th, on June 12th. Artists featured on the soundtrack include Coco Jones, Tyler James Williams, and Brandon Mychal Smith.

The soundtrack includes a mix of music genres, with the tracks performed by the film’s stars. The album also includes videos, special offers, and four instrumental tracks so that listeners can create their own rap battles. The full soundtrack will debut on Radio Disney on Saturday, June 9th.

Let It Shine Soundtrack List:

1. “Don’t Run Away” by Tyler James Williams featuring IM5 – a confessional
uptempo jam about loving from afar performed by Tyler with up-and-coming
teen group, IM5.
2. “Guardian Angel” by Tyler James Williams and Coco Jones – Tyler raps and
Coco sings this elegant ballad about finding purpose and heading for the
3. “Me and You” by Tyler James Williams and Coco Jones – This edgy duet
captures the essence of a young couple trying for one last chance before
love slips away.
4. “What I Said” – Coco Jones throws down as both a singer and rapper on
this upbeat R&B track.
5. “Who I’m Gonna Be” – Coco Jones rocks it old school on this ’70s-style
funk piece about self-determination.
6. “You Belong to Me” by Tyler James Williams – a moving love song performed
7. “Tonight’s the Night” by Brandon Mychal Smith, Spencer Lee and Tyler
James Williams – Pure party music, sung by the “Let It Shine” cast, sets
the stage for hi-hop supremacy in the club.
8. “Around the Block” by cast of “Let It Shine” – One of the film’s
sensational m.c. battles, where razor-sharp wit and humor trumps all.
9. “Moment of Truth” by Tyler James Williams and Brandon Mychal Smith – the
climactic hip-hop battle, is as funny as it is memorable.
10. “Joyful Noise” by the cast of “Let It Shine” – This upbeat
gospel-flavored track sums up all the positive energy of “Let It Shine.”
11. “Good to Be Home” – Coco Jones sings this upbeat ballad, which is a
moving testament to faith and family.
12. “Let It Shine” by Tyler James Williams and Coco Jones – The film’s
joyous title song borrows from the classic gospel-folk tune.
13. “Self Defeat” by Tyler James Williams – This bonus track is a one-man
rap masterpiece from the talented star of “Let It Shine.”

The Plot of Let It Shine:

In the story, Cyrus DeBarge is the musical director at his father’s Atlanta, Georgia, church, and he’s been having some challenges convincing his preacher father that hip-hop is not the devil’s music. Cyrus’ struggles continue when, for a freestyle rap competition at the local teen club, he writes a song under the name “Truth,” which tells his childhood friend and longtime crush, recording artist Roxanne Andrews, how he really feels about her. When it’s all said and done, his best friend Kris McDuffy is mistakenly named the author of the rap song and winner of the contest. As Roxanne begins to fall for Kris, it’s up to the true poet Cyrus to overcome self-doubt, seize the opportunity to reveal both his talent and his feelings, and pursue his dreams. All the while, Cyrus must convince his preacher father that hip-hop music can convey a positive message despite the rap battle he is about to throw down with his nemesis, “Lord of Da Bling,” at the club.

Starring are Tyler James Williams as Cyrus DeBarge, Coco Jones as Roxanne Andrews, Trevor Jackson as Kris McDuffy, Brandon Mychal Smith (“So Random!”) as Lord of Da Bling, Nicole Sullivan (“MADtv”) as Roxanne’s music manager Lyla, Courtney B. Vance (“FlashForward,” ABC’s “Revenge”) as Cyrus’ preacher father, Jacob DeBarge, and Dawnn Lewis (“A Different World”) as Cyrus’ mother, Gail.

Source: Walt Disney Records