MSNBC to Broadcast Michael Jackson and The Doctor on November 11

MSNBCFollowing nine hours of deliberations, a Los Angeles jury found Michael Jackson’s doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, guilty of involuntary manslaughter on November 7, 2011. And almost immediately following the verdict, MSNBC revealed they will be premiering Michael Jackson and The Doctor, a look behind the scenes at the trial, on November 11that 10pm ET (airing again on November 13).

MSNBC says the special will chronicle the trial “from the points of view of Murray and his defense team, giving an exclusive look into the past two years of Murray’s life.”

The Official Synopsis:

In Michael Jackson and The Doctor, Dr. Murray, who chose not to take the stand during the trial, breaks his silence to reveal personal details of his relationship with Michael Jackson, Murray’s role within the star’s family life, the intense pressures that Jackson felt leading up to his tour and the events of the fateful day that led to Jackson’s death on June 25, 2009. October Films spent two years gaining exclusive access to Dr. Conrad Murray and his defense team, led by Ed Chernoff, a Houston-based defense lawyer, and J. Michael Flanagan, a Los Angeles-based defense lawyer. In a series of very personal interviews, Murray discusses in detail Jackson’s fragile health and mental state, yet unstoppable dedication to creating a successful world tour. The documentary gained access into the closed-door meetings with Dr. Murray’s defense team both before and during the trial, giving a look into their strategy and how they pieced the case together.”

Source: MSNBC – November 8, 2011