Tribeca Film Believes in No Rest for the Wicked

José Coronado in No Rest for the Wicked
José Coronado in No Rest for the Wicked directed by Enrique Urbizu. Photo courtesy of Tribeca Film
Winner of six Goya Awards including Best Film (the Spanish equivalent of the Academy Awards’ Best Picture Oscar), No Rest for the Wicked has found a North American distributor in Tribeca Film. The thriller, directed by Enrique Urbizu (Box 507, Life Marks), will be released in December 2012.

“Enrique Urbizu asserts his place at the top of the pantheon of Spanish directors, expertly immersing audiences in a police corruption story where you simultaneously root for and are repelled by its anti-heroes,” stated Geoff Gilmore, Chief Creative Officer of Tribeca Enterprises. “The film combines outstanding craftsmanship with vivid performances, led by the fearless José Coronado, culminating in a wonderfully conceived metaphorical examination of morals in our current day and age.”

The Plot:

Santos Trinidad (José Coronado) is a dirty cop with a violent streak and a serious thirst for rum and Coke. During a drunken binge, he murders three people in a bar. A witness escapes from the building before Santos can catch him. While Santos sets out to kill the witness and cover up his crimes, a judge and the police conduct an investigation into the murders. Santos’ hunt for the witness and the parallel police investigation slowly converge to reveal a massive criminal conspiracy that no one involved could have ever anticipated.

Source: Tribeca Film