Parking Wars, Billy the Exterminator Return in October

Billy the Exterminator season 6 photo

A scene from season 6 of 'Billy the Exterminator' - Photo by September Films, Copyright 2011

A&E hopes you’re ready for more weird animal adventures with Billy the Exterminator and more screaming and yelling from those on the receiving end of tickets in Parking Wars as both series return on October 6, 2012. The shows, which are both entering their sixth seasons, will air back-to-back beginning at 9pm ET/PT.
Details on Parking Wars:
Season six of Parking Wars takes parking enforcement to New York, New Jersey, Detroit and Providence where, in the world of private towing and ticket court, comical conflicts abound. From the gritty streets of the Bronx, to the antics of outrageous characters on Staten Island to New Jersey’s capital of Trenton, independent towing companies face off with illegal parkers who will go to zealous extremes to keep their cars from being towed. In Providence, violators present their far-fetched excuses and passionate pleas before an unflappable judge at the Municipal Court. Everyone’s favorite series’ alumni return when Detroit’s own parking superhero “Ponytail” goes head-to-head with motorists who claim divine right to park illegally, while rulebook-toting Eric schools unrepentant handicap-parking violators, and Lashelle preaches anger management while enforcing the 10 commandments of parking.
Details on Billy the Exterminator:
On the sixth season of Billy the Exterminator, Billy is back in the bayou, ready to battle a new batch of beasts. From a house full of deadly snakes to one of the largest gators he’s ever seen, it’s up to Billy, brother Ricky and the rest of the Vexcon crew to make Louisiana safe. Things get extra sticky when a house call comes in about a Gila Monster on the loose and another with a wild donkey gone rogue. Armed with his spikes, shades and wits, Billy is on the job, and ready to save the bayou state from its various vexations.
Source: A&E


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