NBC Sets The Office Finale Date

The Office Series Finale Poster
I haven’t missed an episode of NBC’s The Office since it began its nine-season run back on March 24, 2005 and while not every season has been memorable, this final season is definitely sending the show out on a high note. In fact, it could quite possibly be the best season of The Office since seasons one and two.
Even without Steve Carell and minus Ed Helms much of the time, this season has a devil-may-care vibe to it and pretty much anything goes – even if it really doesn’t fit within the overall grand scheme of the series. And now, just when it’s really getting interesting, NBC’s announcing the end is in sight for The Office.
The network says The Office will close its doors on May 16, 2013 with a one hour series finale. That night, in addition to being the show’s wrap-up episode, will also mark the series’ 200th episode.
No details have been released, however rumor has it that a lot of former cast members will put in appearances (with the notable exception of Steve Carell).

Source: NBC
Posted by Rebecca Murray

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