TLC’s Gypsy Sisters Series Details

Nettie, Laura, Mellie and Kayla in 'Gypsy Sisters'

Nettie, Laura, Mellie and Kayla in 'Gypsy Sisters' - Photo Courtesy of TLC

My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding introduced the world to the Stanley family, and now TLC is bringing a new series inspired by that show to our TV screens. The network’s new six-episode series Gypsy Sisters will debut on February 10, 2013 at 9pm.
The new show will delve into the “twisted” Stanley family tree, getting an inside look at the four women who lead the family.
The Official Details:
Martinsburg, West Virginia is a hotbed of Gypsy culture and intrigue. With their husbands constantly on the road for work, the women are expected to stay home, cook, clean, and raise the children. When they’re not busy doing household chores and working to look their best, they keep themselves entertained by involving themselves in each others lives – whether they’re welcomed or not.
Nettie Stanley is the outspoken matriarch of the Stanley clan, and she wields gossip like a weapon against her enemies. When she’s not stirring up drama and inserting herself into the lives of her nine children, she’s contending with her rambunctious younger sister Mellie, the self-proclaimed black sheep of the family. Mellie’s job as a stripper, as well as her proclivity for drinking, swearing, and getting into fist fights has made her the talk of the town, and Nettie feels that Mellie has brought shame on the family name.
Meanwhile, Nettie’s cousin Kayla strives to be the perfect gypsy wife and mother, but the demanding roles often prove easier said than done. Kayla and her traditional Gypsy husband Richard continually butt heads when it comes to raising their teenage daughter, Danielle. Kayla wants to let Danielle date whomever she pleases, but Richard is insistent on Danielle marrying a proper Gypsy boy. Kayla’s life is further complicated when her brother Gus and sister-in-law Laura move in with them. Kayla worries that eleven people living under one roof is a recipe for disaster!
Source: TLC

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