Vinny Guadagnino Goes from Jersey Shore to The Show with Vinny

Vinny GuadagninoJersey Shore may be ending its run on MTV but we haven’t seen the last of its cast. MTV has just greenlit a new talk show/reality series with Vinny Guadagnino called The Show with Vinny. In a twist on the normal talk show set-up, The Show with Vinny will bring celebrities to Vinny’s home for interviews, etc.
“Vinny’s unique mix of humor, intelligence, curiosity and heart make him the perfect choice for this genre busting take on the interview format,” stated Chris Linn, MTV Executive Vice President of Programming and Head of Production. “As the lives of the Jersey Shore cast evolve, we are excited to explore new ground while still delivering the laughs and surprises that fans have come to expect from the franchise.”
The Details:
“Combining the reality of Guadagnino’s home life – a long established fan-favorite element to Jersey Shore – with off-the-cuff and unscripted interviews with stars invited over to break bread, The Show With Vinny will feature a host of real characters from Guadagnino’s personal life, from his ultimate hostess mother Paula to party boss Uncle Nino and more. Celebrities will let their guard down to have a meal and a candid conversation about whatever comes up complete with lots of commentary from Vinny’s peanut gallery of loved ones. No studio or audience; just family, food and big friggin’ stars.”
Source: MTV