‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Season 2 Episode 13 Recap – “One of Us”

Agents of SHIELD season 2 episode 13 recap
Ming-Na Wen in ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ (Photo by Kelsey McNeal © 2015 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc)

Secrets were revealed and lines were drawn in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s season two episode 13 titled “One of Us.” Here’s the scoop on everything that transpired in the March 17, 2015 episode, in case you missed any key details:

On Coney Island, a woman with metal hands is eating. There’s a knock at her door. It’s Calvin Zabo (Kyle MacLachlan) who has shown up looking for her, Karla Faye Gideon (Drea de Matteo). He explains he and his team, Francis Noche (Geo Corvera) and Wendell Levi (Ric Sarabia), are not from SHIELD. They’re tracking down people listed on SHIELD’s “gifted” index. He tells her that he wants to free her, but she slams the door in his face. She reconsiders and lets them in. They remove her metal gloves. (She has metal fingernails!) Cal tells her how SHIELD is vulnerable right now, and that they can team up to take SHIELD down.

On the plane, Skye (Chloe Bennet) and Coulson (Clark Gregg) are eating together. He tells her that they’re putting her on the gifted index. When Skye starts listing all the horrible things that have happened, Coulson tells her that it’s not her fault. She tells him she’s getting control of her powers and that she can go back out in the field soon.

Coulson and May (Ming-Na Wen) talk about how Skye has no idea that she can’t go back into the field. Coulson asks May to contact Andrew Garner (Blair Underwood) to evaluate Skye.

Bobbi (Adrianne Palicki) and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) are in the lab. Simmons is busy trying to “index” Skye. Fitz (Iain de Caestecker) pops in and Simmons doesn’t respond. Bobbi asks her how long she’s going to be cold to him. Bobbi says that he was just trying to protect Skye. Simmons says that Fitz should have trusted her. Meanwhile, Bobbi gets a secret message.

At a safe house, Mack (Henry Simmons) is holding Hunter (Nick Blood) prisoner. Bobbi tells Mack over the phone that she’ll send an extraction team soon.

On a school campus, Dr. Garner is talking to a student about psychology. He spots May waiting for him. She tells him that SHIELD needs his help. In Dr. Garner’s office, he tells May he’s reluctant to help them, but May tells him that SHIELD is different now. He tells her his terms if she wants his help. She agrees. They talk a little more and we find out they’re divorced.

At the gate of a psychiatric institution called Brynmore, Cal and his team take out a guard and break in.

Coulson welcomes Dr. Garner, but he gets a call that there’s been a break in at Brynmore. He and Bobbi take off to investigate. He questions her about Hunter’s disappearance, but she deflects him and says “permanent” isn’t Hunter’s thing.

In the lab, Simmons is filling in Dr. Garner on Skye. Fitz is amazed to find out that May was married.

May is visiting Skye in her cell, telling her that Skye’s going to be evaluated. When Skye resists, May piques Skye’s interest by telling her that she used to be married to him.

In her cell, Skye stalls Dr. Garner, but he cuts through her tricks. He asks her why she shot herself. She explains that she did it to protect everyone. He confronts her with the idea that she’s afraid she won’t be an agent anymore. He warms her up by telling her a little about his wedding to May, and she gives in and starts talking.

Coulson and Bobbi are investigating the break-in at Brynmore. They see Cal on the security video and realize they need to get into the sublevel basement. They head in and get ambushed by a prisoner, but Bobbi takes him down. Coulson explains that there’s another one missing, one who can take down people with the slightest whisper. Meanwhile, we see that Cal has taken his team to Wisconsin, to wait for SHIELD to come to them.

In the SHIELD kitchen, Garner and May are drinking. They’re catching up and verbally sparring.

Fitz walks into the lab, saying he’s using the microwave there because he doesn’t want to interrupt May and her ex. Simmons asks him about what they were saying. Fitz tells her that May was laughing and the two of them are chatting about the couple, when Skye’s alarm goes off. Everything is shaking.

In Skye’s cell, she’s sleeping, having a nightmare. They break in and wake her, to stop the quaking. Dr. Garner sends everyone away and stays with Skye.

Bobbi and Coulson are still trying to track down Cal and his team. Meanwhile, we see that Bobbi sent an encrypted message without Coulson’s knowledge.

In a restaurant, we see Cal and his team at breakfast. Karla says maybe they should forget about SHIELD and move on. Cal reminds her what SHIELD has taken away from all of them. He tells her that he wants to get Skye back, but when he gets too angry, he breaks his mug. He tells her that he’s made himself strong through chemistry, but he has “volatility” issues.

On the plane, Coulson confronts Bobbi about her relationship with Hunter. She tells Coulson that she broke it off with Hunter, and that’s why he left. She says Mack went to look for him. Just then, Coulson figures out where Cal is, and Bobbi’s license plate scanner picks up Cal’s license plate in Wisconsin. Coulson says Cal is drawing them to Wisconsin because that’s where Coulson was born.

In Skye’s cell, she’s showing Garner how she can control her feelings. But he tells her she’s just pushing them aside. He asks her what she was dreaming about. She gets defensive and dodges his question. He continually points out her tricks to avoid the truth, that she can’t escape the fact that she’s different now. He tells her that she needs to face what’s going on. She tells him about her dream, and how it was about becoming SHIELD’s target. When everything starts shaking, Skye tells him that she’s not the one shaking everything. The plane took off. May tells Garner that they’re leaving because Coulson needs back up.

Cal and his team remove David Angar’s (Jeff Daniel Phillips) muzzle. (He’s known as the Screamer.) They send him out onto a high school football field while they put on headphones. Angar opens his jaws larger than anyone should be able to and roars. Every person on the field goes down.

At the safe house, Mack checks on Hunter, who’s trying to escape. Mack tries to talk to him, but Hunter’s having none of it. Hunter questions Mack about what’s going on, but Mack is silent.

Back on the plane, Garner is angry with May for taking off with him on the plane and without telling him. She tells him to stay in Skye’s cell with her. But Skye appears behind May. She tries to argue that she can help, but Garner and May say she can’t control herself. However, Skye tells them that they can use her against Cal.

Bobbi and Coulson show up at the football field. Cal comes over the p.a. system. Cal taunts them, but Coulson tells Bobbi they should wait for back up. After Cal points out the kids scattered all over the field, Coulson walks out and gives himself up. He sees what Cal and his team have done. Cal tells Coulson that he wants the world to know what SHIELD has done to them all, but May arrives with Skye at gunpoint. She tells Cal that it’s up to him whether or not they put her down.

Cal tries to talk to Skye, but May keeps threatening to kill her. He knows May won’t kill Skye. He hands a microphone to Screamer. Just as he’s ready to roar and take everyone down, a blue force field appears around Cal. The Reader (Jamie Harris) appears and takes Cal away. Karla yells for them to end this. Coulson goes after Screamer and takes him down. Garner runs with Skye. May goes after Francis, the strong man. Bobbi goes after Karla. Skye is watching the fighting, getting upset. Just as everyone’s going down, Skye starts making everything quake. She pulls it all in, but hurts herself in the process.

Back in her cell, Skye wakes up. She’s bruised and her hands are broken. Garner explains that she wasn’t stopping her powers, but directing them inward.

In Coulson’s office, Simmons is telling him that calling all of these people gifted is too broad, and that they need further classifications for the levels of powers they have. Some are man-made, and some have powers within. He tells her that they need to understand how to stop these innate powers, but that she needs to keep her investigations a secret.

May is walking Garner out of headquarters. He is recommending that Skye leaves SHIELD because it’s too much for her. May says she should stay because they’re as close to a family as Skye has. Garner tells her that he’s done counseling Skye, and he’s done with SHIELD.

At the safe house, Mack puts a hood over Hunter’s head and removes him. Then we see Hunter with armed guards. Mack tells him that he and Bobbi work for another organization, the “real” SHIELD.

Cal is in a room, where he’s clearly destroyed the furniture. He asks why the Reader didn’t take Daisy (Skye) instead of him. The Reader tells Cal that he was making too much noise, and that he’s just a science experiment. Reader tells him that Cal’s fate is up to someone else. Cal puts on his jacket and walks out to meet his fate.

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