Aisha Tyler Interview on ‘Archer’ Season 7, Big Changes, and Abbiejean

Aisha Tyler Interview on Archer Season 7
Aisha Tyler at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con (Photo by Richard Chavez / Showbiz Junkies)

The cast of Archer were under strict orders not to give anything away about the upcoming seventh season of the FX animated comedy while at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con. Normally FX would show off the first episode during the Archer panel at Comic Con, however this year they showed a teaser reel but not a full episode. “This is the first year we haven’t been able to say anything,” said Aisha Tyler during our roundtable interview. “We can’t talk about anything, which is weird.”

“Something big is happening and there’s going to be a dynamic change for everybody,” said Tyler. “I think a big part of this season is when we were the actual spy agency, we were really kind of outside the CIA and were essentially spies for hire. And then we got disavowed and we had to turn to drug dealing to make a living which we didn’t do very well. I don’t know how we’re still in business; we’ve never been very good at anything we’ve done. Now the team is trying to find a way to keep the doors open and keep the lights on. The way that we figure that out is going to be very interesting. Very interesting. A lot of power changes, dynamics troubles.”

One thing Tyler was able to confirm is that Abbiejean will still be a baby in the upcoming season. “Abbiejean is 17 years old and super slutty,” joked Tyler before adding, “She’s still a baby. But, obviously, Archer and Lana had an interesting shift in their relationship last season which I thought was great. I don’t want them to be together but it was awesome to see probably what they were like the first time they dated. She’s still got to co-parent with this guy and he’s a total douche. He’s not really the guy you’d want to stick with long term.”

So, Tyler wouldn’t like to see Lana and Archer actually back together as a couple? “I’ll put this delicately: I like it when they f*ck,” said Tyler, laughing. “You don’t want to try to get that guy to take out the trash or help you with a computer problem. Do you know what I mean? He’s a useless human being for everything but sex. He’s not even that good of a spy. Lana’s a way better spy than he is. But, he’s got an awesome body and apparently he’s awesome in the sack.”

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Watch the full interview for more of Aisha Tyler discussing Archer, how she initially got involved, and why she didn’t think she’d still be doing the show all these seasons later:

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