‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Episode 9 Recap: Drink the Kool-Aid

American Horror Story: Cult
Evan Peters as Kai Anderson in ‘American Horror Story: Cult” (Photo by Frank Ockenfels/FX)

A description of the Heaven’s Gate cult and video of the members’ dead bodies welcome FX’s American Horror Story: Cult episode nine viewers. Kai (Evan Peters) provides the voice-over details on Heaven’s Gate and then on David Koresh and his Branch Davidian cult members. Kai describes how Koresh’s sermons were more than words; they were also the way to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, adding that Koresh had divine semen.

Koresh (played by Evan Peters) is shown killing his followers and then himself, all while Kai’s voice-over makes it sound as though this madman had the right idea.

Next, Kai delves into Jim Jones (also played by Evan Peters) and his Peoples Temple members. Kai blames the downfall of all these cults and their leaders on the overzealous government. Jim Jones is seen preaching to his followers as they die of poisonous Kool-Aid.

The scene switches from the three cults to Kai seated in front of his male followers, all dressed in white. Kai calls the cultists great men and says it’s difficult to get people to kill themselves, not just kill others, on command. One of his followers asks if they’re a cult or a political movement, and another asks if they’ll have to cut off their testicles. Some would, but Kai doesn’t want them to.

Kai asks his followers, who he’s given derogatory nicknames, if they’ll die for him. He tells them their agenda is heading to the next level.

Kai addresses the city council and citizens in attendance. He tells everyone CNN and other sources, including select websites, have polluted the population. He’s argues banning these outlets isn’t censorship, it’s regulation. He would only do it to protect the people, but Councilman Perry is dead set against it. Kai asks the other council members their thoughts, and all but Perry vote yes on the Kai Anderson Internet Freedom and Integrity Act.

That mission accomplished, Kai announces he’s running for United States Senate in 2018. Councilman Perry reminds him he’ll be going against a popular incumbent. As Kai and his followers leave the meeting, Kai expresses concern that none of his women attended the meeting. He demands an answer as to why.

At home, Ally (Sarah Paulson) confronts Ivy (Alison Pill) wanting to know why she joined a cult and destroyed their family. Ivy says it’s because Ally was a mess, the restaurant was a lot of work, and she needed someone to tell her how to feel. Ally can’t believe Ivy has daddy issues and turned herself into a cult member. Ivy also reveals she hates Ally, although now she’s not sure that’s exactly true. Ally reminds her people died because of her, and Ivy sobs and can’t believe she was so stupid. Ivy now understands Kai’s a demigod and wonders why Ally joined the cult. Ally explains she had no choice and that she came back to get Ivy out. Ally confesses she’s not sure they can escape, but she won’t leave her son’s mother behind.

Ally and Ivy’s talk is interrupted by Winter’s arrival with Ozzy. He reluctantly hugs Ally and she assures him that she’s never leaving him again. She also promises things will get back to normal soon.

After Oz heads to his room, Ally confronts Winter (Billie Lourd) who claims she’s sorry now and that the election made her lose her mind. Winter reveals she’s had a change of heart since Kai killed their brother. Winter thinks they all need to run away, handing Ally an article on how to escape from a cult. They have to leave before Kai finds out. Ally agrees, but warns they can’t pack anything.

Kai’s men pound on the door before Ally, Ivy, and Winter have a chance to finish their plans. The men tell them there’s an emergency meeting at the Divine Ruler’s.

They’re forced out of Ally’s place and taken to Kai’s house. They’re all brought into the basement where Beverly (Adina Porter) attacks Winter, calling her a lying b*tch. All the women are placed together, and Kai says everyone must get beyond the fighting among themselves. He says they must reach a new threshold and do something radical.

Kai places a pot of Kool-Aid in front of them and sets out cups. Ally pleads that Oz needs his moms and that Kai can’t reach the next level without them. “Fidelity to the cause is the backbone of the movement,” says Kai, explaining the Kool-Aid is for all of them. He wants the men to drink, too.

Kai thinks they need to kill their physical selves and then they’ll come back even more powerful.

All the men willing take cups while the women are forced into each picking one up. Pus Bucket is told to go first but he refuses. He doesn’t want to be an astral being. Gary shoots Pus Bucket on Kai’s command.

It’s Beverly’s turn next and Ivy cries, telling her not to do it. Beverly takes a sip as Kai says it’s not suicide; it’s a revolutionary act. Ally, Ivy, and Winter drink next, and then the men go. Kai’s last.

After everyone drinks, Kai says, “Why would I kill us? Dead people can’t vote, except in Chicago.”

The Kool-Aid wasn’t poisoned but was just used to prove they’re all loyal. The men are jubilant while the women are dumbfounded.

Back at Ally’s, she reminds Ivy not pack a suitcase. They’re still planning on leaving but when Ivy asks about Winter, Ally gets angry. Ivy then confirms she transferred all their money to their checking account, just as Ally requested. They’re planning on picking up Ozzy from school and then immediately taking off from there.

Ivy keeps the car running as Ally goes to pick up Ozzy. Unfortunately, Ozzy’s not at school. He was picked up 30 minutes ago by Winter…and she wasn’t alone.

Kai questions Ozzy in his basement. He asks about the games he plays with his dad, but Ozzy says he doesn’t have one. Kai thinks Ozzy needs a man to look up to and to teach him things.

Kai makes Oz participate in the pinky promise as Ivy and Ally arrive at his place. Ally slaps Winter hard and then races to the basement where Kai is passing Ozzy a cup of Kool-Aid. Ally knocks it out of his hand as Kai tries to convince everyone he’s actually Ozzy’s real dad/the sperm donor. He’s been a donor there since high school and he’s kept track of all his children, calling Oz is special.

Ally and Ivy don’t believe Kai and attempt to leave. Oz says he wants to stay and Kai thinks this will give Ally and Ivy alone time to reunite after their separation. Ivy agrees Oz can spend the night.

Outside the house, Ally and Ivy argue about leaving Oz there. Ivy thinks it’s the only decision they could have made to save Ozzy right now.

Back at home, Ivy checks out the paperwork from the sperm bank. It’s possible Kai is the father and Ally believes if Kai really does think Oz is his son, he won’t hurt him. Ally agrees with Ivy that there wasn’t any choice but to leave him. They both also agree the only way to get Oz back is to kill Kai. Ally, who’s now the clear-thinking leader, has a plan.

Ally serves Ivy wine and pasta, reminding her it’s the wine from their honeymoon. She wants to start over, and Ivy raises her glass to toast. Ivy drinks but Ally doesn’t. Ally watches as Ivy eats the pasta, but doesn’t have any herself. She finally explains when she was in the psych ward, she thought about killing herself. Ally spoons up pasta for herself as she goes on to explain she thought about Ivy and how Ivy just left her there without one single visit.

Ally continues recalling her psych ward experience saying in week two she used her time to free herself from her fears. She came to understand the fears filled a hole inside her and since the hole exists, she needed to fill it with something else. She decided to fill it with revenge against Ivy.

Ivy laughs when Ally says she’s cured. She calls Ally’s new strength a passing phase and believes she’ll revert to being a coward. Ivy declares she’s not afraid of Ally, and doesn’t think Ally will ever take her revenge. As she stands up, it’s apparent Ally already has taken it.

Ally confesses she put arsenic in the wine and pasta. Ivy begins coughing up blood and then falls to the floor, choking out more blood. Ally tells Ivy she won’t let her stand in the way ever again. All she wants is Oz all to herself and to watch Ivy die. “Half way home,” says Ally with a smile.

Another flashback to Jim Jones and his cult shows Jim choking on the Kool-Aid. Kai recalls the story continued after Jim’s death. Jesus and the angels floated down from Heaven and blessed Jim, reviving him and then giving him a high-five. Jim Jones then woke up each of his followers, rewarding each with everlasting love.

Kai has his followers gathered in the basement as he tells this story. Oz speaks up and says he doesn’t believe that’s a true story. “Wikipedia says he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound,” says Oz. All of the dead people were found together and Jones’ body was cremated with his ashes scattered at sea.

Kai says Wikipedia is fake news and he knows all the “ultimate truths.” If Oz doesn’t agree with Kai’s version, he’ll be punished. Oz keeps up with the argument, forcing Kai to smash his phone so he can’t look up more answers. Oz is then put in time-out, screaming as one of Kai’s men takes him upstairs.

Ally returns to Kai’s the next day, asking for her son. The follower who answers the door says Kai must have left with her son earlier. Ally says to pass on the message that she’s inviting Kai to dinner that night and she’ll serve Manwiches.

Ally heads to the sperm bank and demands to know the identity of the sperm donor. She begs the woman at the front desk to help her, saying she just needs to see a photo of the donor. Ally passes over an envelope with cash and the lady hands her a file. The photo is definitely not of Kai. She then tells the woman she’s going to do something else for her.

Kai arrives for Manwiches, invading Ally’s personal space as she cooks. Ally asks Kai to open the wine and then wonders how her son’s doing. Kai says Oz doesn’t have a filter and talks a lot. He also says, “With a name like Ozymandias, kid’s just begging to get the sh*t kicked out of him.”

Ally serves Kai and then they sit down to eat together. Kai’s loving the Manwich and asks about Ivy. Ally confesses Ivy’s in the trunk, revealing she killed her. Kai laughs and admits he can’t believe she did that.

Even after Ally says she poisoned Ivy, Kai keeps on eating. He wonders why she didn’t kill him and Ally says it’s because Oz needs his father. She slips him the folder with the info, and it has his photo. She lists his positive attributes, including a high IQ, and that he was an easy choice. She calls him extraordinary, and she knew he was the right sperm donor right away without even meeting him. Kai looks stunned as she describes why she chose him. She calls this relationship cosmic and that it was divine intervention that brought them together.

Kai, still stunned, believes he literally spoke this into existence. He can’t believe he’s Oz’s real daddy and claims they made a messiah baby. Ally believes Oz is destined for greatness. When Kai says, “My son…” Ally corrects him, caressing his face and saying, “Our son.”

Back at Kai’s, he and Ally carry Ivy’s dead body into the locked bedroom containing Kai’s mom, dad, and brother’s dead bodies. Kai sprinkles lime on Ivy and leaves her on the floor at the foot of the bed.

Oz is waiting for Ally on the couch and she gives him a big hug. Kai joins them and says, “Now we can be a real family.” The episode ends in a group hug.

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