‘Arrow’ “The Offer” Episode Recap – Season 3 Episode 16

Arrow Season 3 Episode 16 Recap
Stephen Amell in ‘Arrow (Photo © 2015 The CW)

Oliver Queen had an enormous life-changing decision to make in Arrow‘s 16th episode of season three titled “The Offer.” The Arrow also had to help stop villains who were targeting the police and come to terms with why he donned the Arrow suit in the first place. Here’s a look back at what went down in Arrow‘s March 18, 2015 episode:

Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) is kneeling in front of Ra’s al Ghul (Matt Nable), who asks Oliver to take his place as Ra’s al Ghul. He releases Oliver and they observe a training session. Ra’s al Ghul explains what it means to be in this position. At dinner, Ra’s tells Oliver that he sees how Oliver struggles with his dual identity, and that’s why he has asked him.

In the basement lair under Verdant, Nyssa al Ghul (Katrina Law) doesn’t believe Thea Queen’s (Willa Holland) confession of killing Sara (Caity Lotz). Thea begs Nyssa to kill her to avenge Sara. Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) and Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) run in to protect Thea. Nyssa fights, but Roy shoots her with a tranquilizer.

Ra’s al Ghul shows Oliver the fountain of youth. He explains that it’s not working on him anymore. He tells Oliver that it makes sense for Oliver to become Ra’s al Ghul because he has already come back from the dead once. Ra’s tells Oliver that if he decided to take his place, he could command his men not to kill anymore. Oliver is incredulous, and asks what will happen if he turns down his offer. Ra’s tells him that they will all be free to leave, with all debts forgiven. Oliver takes John Diggle (David Ramsey) and Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) and leaves.

At the loft, Thea is happy to see Oliver, but she is unhappy when she sees that Malcolm is still alive. Oliver asks her to let Malcolm stay at the loft long enough to heal.

At Verdant, Diggle asks Oliver why they were able to bring back Malcolm alive, but Oliver dodges his question.

[Flashback] Oliver is walking through the marketplace with Akio Yamashiro (Brandon Nomura). When Oliver turns his back, Akio takes off. After Oliver finds him again, he warns him not to run away. Akio tells him they that have to go to the botanical gardens because his parents always told him to meet them there if they ever got separated.

In the lair, everyone is asking Oliver why Malcolm is alive. Oliver releases Nyssa from her cage and tells her to go home. Oliver keeps deflecting everyone’s questions about what happened with Ra’s al Ghul. He asks Felicity Smoak (Emily Bet Rickards) to find a crime in progress so they can get back to work.

A robbery is in progress. One of the criminals has his mouth sewn shut. The Arrow and Arsenal surprise them. Black Canary jumps into the fight in time to save Arsenal, but the criminals get away. The Arrow tells Black Canary she still needs training.

In the alley behind the police station, Captain Lance (Paul Blackthorne) finds a group of men who are tied up. The Arrow tells Lance that he needs a name from them. But Captain Lance tells him that he can read about it in the newspapers like everyone else. He’s angry because the Arrow didn’t tell him that Sara, his daughter, had died. Lance tells him that the Arrow broke his trust, and he realizes that the Arrow’s just a vigilante who feels no responsibility.

At Palmer Technologies, Felicity and Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) are working and flirting when Oliver arrives. Oliver asks to speak with Felicity. She apologizes for not telling him about Ray, but he says she doesn’t owe him anything. He asks her to look into the criminal whose lips are sewn shut. She finds Michael Amar, a.k.a. Murmur. She notices Oliver isn’t feeling well, but he says that he’s bothered that Lance isn’t happy with him. She says it seems like there’s something more going on with him, but he leaves.

At the loft, Laurel stops by to see Thea. Thea tells Laurel that her life has been awful since she learned that Malcolm is her father. Laurel leaves as Malcolm is stirring. Thea tells him she’s not sorry for what she’s done. She also tells him that, thanks to him, she’s completely messed up. He tells her to kill him, if that’s what’s best.

At Nanda Parbat, Nyssa returns and asks why Malcolm is still alive. Ra’s al Ghul explains that he let him go as a show of good faith to Oliver, who he has asked to take his place. Nyssa is angry that her legacy is being given away. When Nyssa asks if Ra’s is punishing her because of her love for Sara, he says that he never approved of her allowing weakness into her life. (Um, hello? You have a daughter so there must have been someone, Ra’s. Hypocrite much?) Nyssa says that she would rather leave than watch him turn his legacy over to an outsider, and she leaves.

Back at the lair, Oliver, Diggle and Roy discuss Michael Amar, and why he’s stealing industrial grade diamonds. Roy suggests that he can talk to some of his old contacts to find out what’s going on and leaves. Diggle asks Oliver what’s really going on. Oliver tells Diggle that everything Ra’s predicted is coming true: Lance hates him and his city is turning on him. He tells Diggle that Ra’s wants Oliver to take his place. Oliver asks Diggle what have they really accomplished? Feeling hopeless, Oliver seems to be considering becoming Ra’s al Ghul.

At the loft, Thea talks to Oliver about how she has changed since their mother’s death. She tells Oliver that the only reason she hasn’t killed Malcolm is because she knows their mother wouldn’t want her to be like him. She leaves, and Oliver tells Malcolm about Ra’s offer. Malcolm tells him that he doesn’t really have a choice, but just then Oliver receives a message from Felicity.

[Flashback] At the botanical gardens, Oliver and Akio are looking for his parents, but Oliver spots a handful of men who are watching them. He and Akio run.

Oliver returns to the lair. Felicity tells Oliver that she’s still committed to their mission. She argues with him about Ra’s offer. Oliver confesses that he doesn’t think that he’s made any difference in Starling City. She tells Oliver he needs to figure out why he’s really trying to help Starling City. Roy and Diggle come in with a theory as to why Amar is collecting industrial grade diamonds: he’s going after the police; diamonds can pierce body armor.

Stephen Amell as Arrow
Stephen Amell in ‘Arrow’ (Photo © 2015 The CW Network)

At the station, Lance gets a call from Felicity, but he doesn’t answer. Laurel arrives and asks her father to just speak his mind so that they can move on. But he tells her that he just can’t forgive her for lying to him about Sara. Then they hear gunfire. Murmur and his men are moving in.

At the station, police are dropping everywhere. Laurel and her father take cover in his office. He covers her with his gun while she runs. Just as Laurel is about to be shot, Nyssa shoots her attacker. Amar gets to Lance, and Laurel asks Nyssa to save him. The Arrow and Arsenal break in and get to Lance in time. Laurel and Nyssa join the fight.

In the alley, Amar is shooting his way free. The Arrow takes him down. Captain Lance comes out and asks, “What, are you waiting for me to say,’Thank you’?”, but the Arrow assures him that he doesn’t do “this” for the thanks.

At the lair, the team regroups. Oliver tells Felicity she was right, that he became the Arrow to help people. Felicity tells Oliver that she’s happy he’s still in her life, but then she receives a call from Ray.

[Flashback] Akio and Oliver are running away in the marketplace when they run into Shado (Celina Jade). She’s alive!

Laurel is leaving the police station and runs into Nyssa. Nyssa offers Laurel friendship, saying that she misses Sara. She offers to train Laurel.

Oliver meets Maseo Yamashiro (Karl Yune) to tell him that he’s not accepting Ra’s offer. Maseo argues with him, warning Oliver that there will be consequences.

Thea arrives at Roy’s apartment. She breaks down and asks if she can stay with him. They kiss.

At a hideout, the criminals who escaped from the robbery are laughing about how they’re going to take out more cops, when the Arrow arrives and starts killing them. But we see it’s actually Ra’s al Ghul under the green hood.

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