‘Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story’ Episode 7 Recap: Ascent

Assassination of Gianni Versace Episode 7
Edgar Ramirez as Gianni Versace and Penelope Cruz as Donatella Versace in ‘The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story’ episode 7 (Photo by Ray Mickshaw/FX)

FX’s dramatic series The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story draws closer to its finale with episode seven airing March 7, 2018. Titled “Ascent,” episode seven begins in Milan, Italy in 1992. Donatella (Penelope Cruz) sketches designs and explains her view that a dress is a weapon for women. When one of her assistants makes a suggestion, she crinkles the drawing and tosses it.

Gianni (Edgar Ramirez) arrives and he’s obviously not feeling well. The staff gossip behind his back, and he and Donatella immediately get into a fight. He doesn’t believe she’s living up to her potential and he threatens to never speak with her again. Finally, she breaks down and admits she’s worried about him. He confesses he wants everything from her and she tells him he already has it all.

After she storms out, Antonio D’Amico (Ricky Martin) suggests he follow her and apologize, warning him he doesn’t have time to be cruel.

That night, Gianni admits to his sister he’s not good at sketching after she reveals she’s unable to. He just wants her to grow into her potential. He then suggests they design a dress together, working as if it’s the last design he’ll ever create. He reminds her soon everything will be her responsibility, telling her she has to make it hers. When she asks about the dress, he replies, “This dress is not my legacy. You are.” Donatella finally smiles.

Meanwhile in San Diego, Andrew’s working at a pharmacy. He lies about his accomplishments as he waits on customers. His boss suggests he needs a plan if he wants to earn more money.

Back at his mom’s place, he slams an off-brand ice cream container to the floor because it’s not Häagen-Dazs. He offers a detailed explanation about the background of Häagen-Dazs, and his mom compliments him on being so smart.

He dresses for the club and heads out to meet with Jeff Trail (Finn Wittrock). They discuss men and Andrew admits he doesn’t like rejection.

A while later, Jeff and Andrew sit with some well-dressed young men and Andrew immediately begins lying about his father’s work. Jeff and one of the guys hit if off and leave Andrew alone as the club’s closing. He doesn’t have money for the tab, but the bartender allows him to promise to settle it next time. An older man leaves him his number, aware Andrew doesn’t have any money.

Andrew’s mom is waiting up for him when he finally makes it home. She’s worried because it’s so late and she doesn’t know how he spends his nights out. He confesses he just wants to get far away from this life but promises his mom she’s still his dream woman and he’ll take her with him wherever he goes.

Next, Andrew shows up at an escort agency. The woman takes his photo and asks for his ethnic background. When she learns he’s part Asian, she tells him gay men don’t ask for male Asian escorts. She then asks for his greatest attributes and he lists clever and witty, but she wants to know his penis size. He’s forced to show her and she seems to approve. He says he doesn’t do drugs, she makes him smile, and then she tells him to pick a book and talk about it. He claims he’s read all of them and can discuss each.

Andrew says he’s better with older men than guys his own age. The woman isn’t overly impressed, and she says men don’t ask for clever Filipino’s with large penises. Determined, Andrew says, “Then I’ll sell myself.”

Returning to the Versaces, Donatella is fitted with their dress and then Gianna finishes the final sketches. Donatella loves the design and claims she’ll never be able to do what he does. Gianni wants her to model it, but she doesn’t think that’s appropriate. Gianni’s convinced that because they made it together, it is entirely appropriate for the creator to wear her own dress. He tells her the dress will give her confidence and will make the world see her in a way they haven’t before.

The story shifts to New York City and Vogue’s 100th Anniversary Gala. Gianni arrives and gives his sister a kiss as they walk up the stairs to enter the event. Donatella’s coat is removed and she’s wearing their dress. People turn and stare and her photo is snapped repeatedly as photographers call her name. Gianni leaves her to pose on her own, giving her her moment in the spotlight.

Back in San Diego, Andrew begins his plan to meet millionaire Norman Blachford (Michael Nouri). He attends a play and orders wine next to Norman, and Norman’s intrigued. Norman wants to know why Andrew’s there by himself. Andrew introduces himself as Andrew DeSilva, and then provides a history of the play. He even throws in that he’s always preferred the company of older men. Norman’s joined by two of his friends, and they invite Andrew to dinner. He accepts.

They engage in small talk while eating, and Andrew lies that he was married for a while. He whips out Elizabeth’s photo and says he had to escape so he ran away. Norman toasts to outcasts while one of his friends shoots daggers at Andrew.

By the end of the evening, Andrew commits to staying the night with the man who hosted the dinner, Lincoln Aston. Andrew lays out his terms which include an allowance, and says he’ll make the man’s house the center of gay San Diego.

Donatella arrives back at the design house and the employees loudly applaud. She’s happy the press is talking about the dress and doesn’t care if the reviews aren’t all positive.

Donatella and Gianni listen as a report’s read indicating customers are discussing the dress, but it’s not driving sales. Apparently, customers want simplicity and practicality. Gianni’s indignant, unable to believe people don’t want the dress that made Donatella a star. Donatella suggests a simpler version for the customers. One dress for the red carpet and to catch the headlines, and one for the customers.

Gianni’s angry at the suggestion, saying every dress has a soul. He can’t cut away any part of it. Donatella says not every woman would be comfortable in this dress, and they need to feel comfortable in their clothing. Gianni cuts away the leather straps, yelling about this now “normal” black dress. He sits down and holds his head, and Donatella realizes he’s unwell. Gianni begins crying, upset because he can’t hear anyone. Donatella hugs him as they call for a doctor.

In San Francisco, Andrew’s friends are impressed that he’s suddenly wealthy. He explains it by saying he’s a consultant for a Texas oil millionaire named Lincoln Aston. They toast to his new wealth and Andrew wonders what others see as they look at his table of friends. He then points out a young man eating alone at the bar and sends him a drink. He shyly turns to see Andrew raising his hand. The bartender passes the message that Andrew would like him to join them at their table.

They make room for this handsome young man at the table and he introduces himself as David (Cody Fern).

Later, David Madson joins Andrew in his room and he’s clearly impressed. He’s even impressed with the complimentary slippers. The view from the window takes his breath away and Andrew joins him to ask about the slippers. They kiss and quickly strip and jump in the shower.

After they make love, David describes his high school life and how he promised a crying girl in school that he was going to become a successful architect and they’d live in a beautiful house together. He sketches it out to show Andrew as Andrew looks at him tenderly. He then says he crushed the girl’s heart when he told her he’s gay.

David spends the night and Andrew tells him the room and the view didn’t give him pleasure until he walked into it. They snuggle and fall asleep.

Lincoln rings up Andrew and questions him about a secret lover and midnight bottles of champagne in San Francisco. Andrew lies and says he wasn’t with anyone, but Lincoln doesn’t believe him because he has an itemized bill. Lincoln calls it off and hangs up.

Lincoln picks up another young man at the bar, and the man claims he’s not gay although he does accompany Lincoln back to his house. As they’re talking, Andrew watches from the doorway, unseen. The man picks up a heavy object and hits Lincoln in the head. He collapses to the floor, blood flowing from the wound. The man then hits him repeatedly, smashing in his face.

Andrew makes a noise and the man approaches him, attempting to justify the murder by saying Lincoln tried to kiss him. Andrew tells him to run.

Assassination of Gianni Versace Episode 7 Recap
Michael Nouri as Norman Blachford and Darren Criss as Andrew Cunanan in ‘The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story’ episode 7 (Photo by Suzanne Tenner/FX)

Days later, Andrew meets up with Norman. Andrew reveals they found Lincoln’s killer and he confessed to the murder. They commiserate over the fact the police feel crimes, including murder, against gays are justified.

Andrew and Norman stroll on the beach and Andrew asks if he can make a home for them. Andrew promises he’ll make Norman happy, and Norman agrees to think about it. Andrew then steals David’s story about the girl in high school and changes it so that it happened to him.

Andrew returns to his mom’s house to pack. She believes he’s off to travel the world with Gianni Versace after working with him in San Francisco. She’s proud of her son as he heads off to Paris, London, and Milan to work on designing for operas.

Andrew breaks his promise to take her with him, even though she says she won’t be any trouble. She can’t afford the apartment on her own. She doesn’t want to be left on her own and begs to speak with Gianni Versace. When she tries to pack things, Andrew tosses her against the wall.

At the hospital, the doctor wants to know how her shoulderblade was fractured. She says it was an accident. She covers for Andrew saying he found her and called the ambulance. She tells the doctor that her son’s a good boy.

Back in Milan, Donatella gathers the staff to confirm her brother is sick. She explains he has a rare ear cancer and will be in Miami resting. She’ll be taking over the day-to-day operations. She’s sure he’ll beat the sickness because he’s stubborn. She tears up as she tells them not to doubt he’ll be back. Until then, she’ll take the reins of the company.

Donatella tells the team they must show they’re strong, daring, and relevant. She wants Versace to survive.

Norman moves into his new house which he claims is way too big. Andrew tells him not to worry, assuring his new sugar daddy they’ll be very happy there.

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