Bella Thorne Interview: ‘Scream’ and Being a Horror Fan

Bella Thorne Interview on Scream and Being a Horror Fan

Bella Thorne in MTV’s ‘Scream’

Bella Thorne joined her MTV Scream co-stars at the San Diego Comic Con where it was announced that although – spoiler alert! – she’s killed in the very first episode, she’ll be coming back in flashbacks. Sitting down for a roundtable interview, Thorne said, “I think what’s really interesting is that everybody knows how my character ends up, what happens to her that she ends up that way – the fact that we get to see into that.”

As for actually filming her death scene, Thorne couldn’t have been more excited about taking on the challenge. “I’ve always wanted to die onscreen and I haven’t gotten to die yet. [It’s] so cool! I always had to watch other people die, and I got to get my throat slit which was a very interesting, classic death,” revealed Thorne, adding, “A lot of people asked me if I wanted to do her death in a different way, but I didn’t. I got it on the first take and that is like one thing that I really cherish.”

Thorne, whose credits include The DUFF and Shake It Up!, also warned fans of the new series based on the horror movie franchise that there will be so many people she interacts with it will drive them crazy trying to figure out the killer. Thorne says she’s a horror movie fan and has watched them all her life, so she was completely prepared to be a part of Scream. But, don’t ask her who the killer is as she claims to have no idea.

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