‘Legends of Tomorrow’ – Caity Lotz Interview on Season 1, Sara, and Favorite Time Periods

Caity Lotz in Legends of Tomorrow
Caity Lotz as Sara/White Canary in ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ (Photo: by Brendan Meadows © 2015 The CW Network, LLC)

The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow cast were a big draw at the 2016 WonderCon held in downtown Los Angeles over Easter weekend. Cast members including Caity Lotz (Sara Lance/White Canary), Brandon Routh (Ray Palmer/Atom), Franz Drameh (Jefferson “Jax” Jackson/Half of Firestorm), and Ciara Renée (Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl) participated in a panel with fans of the action series and took part in roundtable interviews to discuss season one and future plans for the show based on the characters from DC Comics. Sitting down with Caity Lotz, we had the chance to find out more about what’s in store for Sara and how the jump has been going from Arrow to Legends of Tomorrow.

What kind of journey has Sara been on?

Caity Lotz: “I think for her a big part of it in the beginning was getting rid of that self-hatred and just that feeling she’s a terrible person. She had that bloodlust and learning how to control that and not feeling like she’s a terrible murderer and just kind of accepting herself a little bit more. I think she’s not quite all the way there but that’s where she’s heading toward just being like, ‘All right, this is me. I might not like it all the time, but it’s just who I am.'”

How comfortable are you in the action scenes at this point?

Caity Lotz: “I did martial arts before I started acting so most of my fighting stuff I do, and I trained a lot before the show so it’s good.”

Has it been a seamless transition to go from Arrow to this show?

Caity Lotz: “It was difficult in the beginning but I also didn’t understand…we didn’t know what the show was going to be. I didn’t know what the tone was and then I get a script and Sara’s got all these jokes and is like, ‘Wanna dance?’ And I’m like, ‘Wait a second. Who is this because this is not Sara Lance from Arrow?’ So it’s trying to find a way to make the tone switch of the show for the character but still keep it the character, which I felt like made sense. Since she died everything that could go wrong went wrong. She’s been through some shit and it’s like now it’s like, ‘Whatever.’ She can have a little bit more levity to her.”

Because it is a big ensemble, does it allow you to tap into different parts of yourself interacting with so many different actors?

Caity Lotz: “Yeah, because for each person you kind of play a different role. With Kendra, Sara’s very much like a mentor to so that makes her more in a position of taking care of somebody else and not just being that lone wolf. I think she has a lot of fun with Snart so that brings out that side. It’s hard with so many characters. There’s characters I still have not had scenes with like Brandon [Routh]’s character. Ray Palmer and Sara I don’t think have ever had a scene together just the two of them. Sara and Jax… It’s so hard. There’s so many stories and things to go which is why I’m glad we get a second season so we can explore that more.”

Have they said anything at all about what’s to expect in the second season?

Caity Lotz:“No. We know nothing, actually. Literally nothing. We don’t even know how many episodes we’re doing. We’re all hoping 16 again. That’s like a good number.”

Will there be any more complications from your resurrection?

Caity Lotz: “I don’t think so. Maybe Arrow-wise. I’m hoping we’ll do some good crossover stuff.”

Have they talked about crossovers at all?

Caity Lotz: “It’s hard because the time has to make sense. If I’m on Arrow why are you not in space? Crossovers are difficult, but I guess maybe they could do that. I’ll just be like, ‘I’m going to Star City,’ and then be on Arrow for a couple of episodes and be off of that.”

Or The Flash can move through time…

Caity Lotz: “I want to do Birds of Prey Earth-2. Wouldn’t that be cool?”

Is there any particular costume you’ve gotten to wear in the different time periods that you’re fond of?

Caity Lotz: “I like the ’70s and I really like the Western. I love the Western costume. There’s like this epic shot of all of us walking together through this town in our Western gear, and everyone is so tall and I’m like [short]. I look like Fievel Goes West next to everybody with my big cowboy hat on. I look really cool when I’m not next to them but then when we’re walking… Normally you can stand on apple boxes. Everyone’s tall and I stand on a box and I’m like, ‘Yeah!’ But when we’re walking you can’t.”

She has a lot of unresolved personal issues. Would you like to have her be able to work out some of those at some point?

Caity Lotz: “Yeah. I think that may be something we see a little bit in. The hard part with our show is because there’s so many characters and we all have so much going on, you don’t have time to dive into everything. Hopefully next season we’ll get to go into it some more.”

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