‘The 100’ – Lindsey Morgan Interview on Raven and the Cure

Lindsey Morgan The 100
Lindsey Morgan as Raven in ‘The 100’ (Photo by Cate Cameron © 2015 The CW Network, LLC)

The CW’s The 100 is heading toward the season three finale and some of the stars from the sci-fi action series made the trek to WonderCon to tease details about what’s going down in the upcoming episodes. Lindsey Morgan, who plays Raven in the hit series, was among the show’s stars who spent part of Easter Sunday discussing the series in a panel for fans and also participating in roundtable interviews in support of The 100. Without giving too much away, Morgan said Raven and Jasper (played by Devon Bostick) will be rebelling within their team dynamic first, and then they’ll turn to others to be part of a rebellion on a larger scale. She also assured us that it will all tie in together and the payoff will be there for fans of The 100.

Lindsey Morgan Interview:

How do you feel about Raven taking the cure?

Lindsey Morgan: “I feel like it actually makes a lot of sense as in she was in so much pain with her body, also with her heart and just her mind as far as being so depressed and angry. Going through everything you would go through with everything she’s been through. In her way her own PTSD, basically. So I think it’s human to take the chip. It’s human to want to feel happy and to want to feel better and to forget your problems. She drank as much as she could, she can’t really run away from anything. You’ve seen her try to have sex through her problems, so now she’s reaching for this as a new way to cope. I think it’s very human to do it.”

Has it been interesting to play the character arc through all of this?

Lindsey Morgan: “Oh yeah. It was very interesting too because the chip, it takes away your memories and when you think about it without your memories who are you? You know, without your experiences – we’ve all had different personal experiences that have shaped and molded us, who are we without them? When I got chipped I remember being like calling Jason [Rothenberg] all the time being like, ‘How do I play this?’ because you don’t want to be a blank slate of a person, but you also kind of are a blank canvas for A.L.I.E. to do her bidding. So, it’s very interesting. And then now you’re going to see Raven realizing what she really got herself into and how the hell is she going to get herself out of it? You’re going to see me and Raven get tested in ways that I never have before as an actress, too, and as the character Raven. As far as roller coaster, it gets a hell of a lot faster. Get ready!”

If Raven starts to fight the chip, she’ll have to sacrifice the physical benefits she received.

Lindsey Morgan: “Exactly. And that’s the big choice Raven has to make as far as what do I do? Because of who I am and what I’ve been through, I took this chip to run away from that, to escape myself. That’s why you take the chip, to escape yourself. But then when she got so far away she realized she made the wrong turn and now is the journey back to what she left. That’s the question to as far as can I even get back there? Can I even find myself again and if I do, what does that entail? For Raven that comes with the pain of her body and her leg, and the heartbreaks and everything she went through. It’s a big choice for her. Just like taking the chip was a choice out of desperation, getting rid of it – even if she can because it’s infused in her brain now – is a big question. So you’re definitely a big change for Raven.”

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