David Giuntoli Interview – ‘Grimm’ Season 5, Nick’s Revenge, and Adalind’s Baby

David Giuntoli Interview Grimm Season Five
David Giuntoli from ‘Grimm’ at the San Diego Comic Con (Photo by: Mark Davis / NBC)

Grimm star David Giuntoli describes his character Nick Burkhardt as extremely focused in the upcoming fifth season of the NBC series. The Grimm cast hit the stage at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con for a jam-packed panel and also participated in roundtable interviews to discuss the upcoming season of the popular series. During our interview, Giuntoli explained the mindset of Nick in season five and the tone of the upcoming season.

Giuntoli’s Grimm co-stars have described season five as almost a reboot of the show. “I’d say they’re localizing it more to what it was,” said Giuntoli. “It seems to be Portland, it seems to be Wesen. It seems to be Nick plotting revenge. I would definitely say I don’t really care about being a cop anymore. I’m just like I’m doing my own Grimm thing. I would say the dynamics have certainly changed. Now Adalind’s having my baby. What?! So that’s changing the dynamics quite a bit. But I want to figure out who did all of these things to me. They beheaded my mom, they killed my woman, and I want to get whoever did that.”

Given the changes in store, will Nick be in a dark place for the entire fifth season? “I would imagine, largely,” answered Giuntoli.

“It’s always been kind of dark. It started with terrible things for him, but it’s been fun watching this guy in real time age every year and learn. I would say it’s really fun getting another crack at something all the time. In episodic TV you can try new things all the time, regroup during the hiatus and come up with new ideas,” said Giuntoli. “That’s really rewarding.”

Season five could also see more of Nick and Monroe (played by Silas Weir Mitchell) working together. “I think it’ll re-up the Nick and Monroe relationship. I think they realized that the fans really enjoy that so they want to bring it back. I’ve seen evidence of that. Trubel is who I’m concerned about right now. Something bad happens to her right away,” revealed Giuntoli.

As for the possibility of a relationship between Nick and Adalind (played by Claire Coffee), Giuntoli revealed, “I’m getting feelers that that might in some way happen. Now, I would play probably very against that. I feel like she’s the mom of my son, not my lady, you know? So there are some scenes where they’re like, ‘How are we going to do this?’ kind of scenes.”

Speaking of the baby, fans can expect the new addition to Nick’s family to drastically affect him and maybe even bring him some sort of happiness. “I lose everybody so this is the one thing that keeps me around, I think,” said Giuntoli.

Giuntoli’s co-stars brought up their love of the idea of a musical episode, and Giuntoli says he’d be into it. “I would do a musical episode in a heartbeat. In a heartbeat. That will come like season seven,” said Giuntoli, laughing.

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