Judy Greer and Amber Nash Interview on ‘Archer’ Season Seven

Judy Greer and Amber Nash Archer Season 7 Interview
Amber Nash and Judy Greer at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con (Photos by Richard Chavez / Showbiz Junkies)

The cast of FX’s animated boundary-pushing series Archer made the trip to San Diego for the 2015 Comic Con where, unlike previous years, they didn’t show the first episode of the upcoming season. Season seven is currently filming and according to Amber Nash (“Pam Poovey”), big changes are in store.

“Well, we can’t talk a lot about what’s happening this season because it’s a giant surprise,” said Nash during our interview at Comic Con. “We usually play the first episode but we’re not this year because some sh*t is going down. But I’ll tell you, we’ve recorded two episodes so far and I always say this but I swear to god it’s true, it gets funnier every season. I think Adam [Reed’s] really charged up to write this season because it’s different and fun. So, yeah, Pam’s still Pam. She’s always going to be crazy and crass and getting into trouble.”

“I am a fan of the show in addition to being on it, so I get as excited to read the new scripts as I am assuming the audience is watch them when they’re on TV,” said Judy Greer (“Cheryl Tunt”), during a separate interview at the Con. “I can never ever predict what Adam Reed is going to come up with next and that’s what makes it so fun. I’ve worked on shows where you’re like, ‘Yeah, okay, I guess that’s what happens in the next episode.’ And this always blows my mind every time.”

The scripts are surprising, but neither Greer nor Nash have ever said no to saying a particular line. “No. Never. Sometimes I don’t understand some of their weird political, historical or pop culture references and I have to ask them what things mean, but I’ll say anything,” said Greer. “Do anything. Well, if the show goes live action I don’t think I could do this role. I probably wouldn’t have gotten cast in it.”

Nash agreed. “No, because they’re all pretty funny and it’s like I can’t believe I get to say that line. But the one that got me was…I say this in interviews all the time and even saying it in interviews is terrifying…is when she says, ‘Masturbate until my fingers bleed.’ I was just like, ‘Oh my god, how horrifying. The fact that your fingers would bleed first is the really terrifying part.'”

Greer and Nash are both still enjoying being a part of the Archer voice cast, with Nash calling it the best thing ever. “I love her. I think what’s so cool about Pam too is that she changes so much, and she’s changed so much over the years. I actually just went back and read the pilot script for Archer and the first time that Pam’s introduced in the script it says, ‘Pam sits behind a desk. She’s the mousy HR director.’ I was like, ‘Mousy?!’ It’s so crazy. She’s totally not that anymore. It’s been really fun. I’ll do it forever – as long as they let me.”

Asked if she’d like to bring Country singer Cherlene back at some point, Greer said absolutely. “I really liked that version of [Cheryl]. Also I’m like a terrible singer but also a frustrated Country star. Two beers and some karaoke, forget it.”

And Amber has warm and fuzzy feelings about cocaine-addled Pam. “You know, I really liked cocaine Pam. But I will say I think I said the word cocaine probably like a million times in the season. I liked that she was like pin-up hot for a little while. A lot of people hated it. ‘We want old Pam back!’ So, I’m glad she’s back. I’m glad I got to do that but I’m glad she’s back to what we love.”

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