‘Designated Survivor’ Season 3 Preview: Premiere Date and Plot Details

The political drama Designated Survivor ran for two seasons on ABC before being canceled. Fortunately for fans of the series, Netflix swooped in and scooped it up. The much-anticipated third season will premiere on Netflix on Friday, June 7, 2019.

For those who haven’t watched the series, and for those who need a brief refresher course, Netflix released a 90 second video recap of the first two seasons. Series star Kiefer Sutherland narrates the video which explains the premise of the series. It also reveals that in this third season Sutherland’s character, President Tom Kirkman, will be faced with his greatest test thus far. The series asks whether a good man can stay a good man in the world of politics and it appears that Kirkman’s commitment to doing the right thing will face extraordinary challenges in the upcoming season.

In addition to Sutherland, the cast includes Adan Canto as Aaron Shore, Italia Ricci as Emily Rhodes, Kal Penn as Seth Wright, and Maggie Q as Hannah Wells. New series regulars include Anthony Edwards as Mars Harper, Lorraine Zimmer as Julie White, Dontae Evans as Ben Watson and Isabel Pardo as Elena Tovar.

Seasons one and two are currently available to Netflix customers.

The Plot:

“The acclaimed series stars Kiefer Sutherland as a low-level cabinet member who is suddenly catapulted to the position of President of the United States after a devastating terrorist attack strikes during the State of the Union, killing all those ahead of him in the presidential succession line.

Seasons 1 and 2 examined what it was like for Tom Kirkman to be thrust into the White House without any preparation. As President, he faced the daunting task of having to rebuild the government and stabilize the country. He has paid a heavy price for becoming President in such a volatile way — his wife was accidentally killed, and his son has left Washington D.C. for college on the West Coast, leaving he and his 12-year-old daughter on their own living in the White House.

The 3rd season of Designated Survivor sees President Kirkman face a political reality…campaigning. What does it take to make a leader? What price will he be willing to pay? This season will explore today’s world of campaigning, smear tactics, debates, campaign finance and ‘fake news.’ Democracy, as we know it, will hang in the balance.”

Designated Survivor Season 3
Kal Penn and Kiefer Sutherland in ‘Designated Survivor’ season 3 (Photo Credit: Netflix)
Designated Survivor Season 3
Kiefer Sutherland as Tom Kirkman in season 3 (Photo Credit: Netflix)
Designated Survivor Season 3
Maggie Q in season 3 (Photo Credit: Netflix)
Designated Survivor Season 3
A scene from ‘Designated Survivor’ season 3 (Photo Credit: Netflix)