Moon Bloodgood and Seychelle Gabriel Talk ‘Falling Skies’ and Alien Babies

Moon Bloodgood and Seychelle Gabriel Falling Skies Interview
Moon Bloodgood, Seychelle Gabriel, Doug Jones and Sarah Carter from ‘Falling Skies’ (Photo © Richard Chavez)

Without giving any spoilers away it’s safe to say Falling Skies season four finds our ragtag pack of alien invasion survivors split up into smaller groups. This new season, which kicks off on June 22, 2014 on TNT, also finds some relationships established in previous seasons have become strained while other characters are feeling the need to redeem themselves for their actions in season three.

Together at WonderCon to discuss season four, Moon Bloodgood (‘Anne Glass’) and Seychelle Gabriel (‘Lourdes’) provided the scoop on what fans of the sci-fi series can expect this season.

Moon Bloodgood and Seychelle Gabriel Interview

What’s up with your baby?

Moon Bloodgood: “Seriously, what is up with my beautiful baby? You’ve seen the trailer so I’m not giving anything away that she’s older and quite attractive.

[…]We don’t know where her allegiance is. Is she good? Is she bad? She’s changed so much. She is our focal point this year and we don’t know if she’s good or she’s bad. Anne is completely convinced that she’s on our side and just being influenced by her alien side. That’s all I can tease.”

Will she have special abilities?

Moon Bloodgood: [Laughing] “Well, she’s half alien so and her hair is really white, so she’s got some abilities.”

Will we be seeing the aftermath of all the traumatic experiences you went through last season?

Seychelle Gabriel: “Oh yeah. Lourdes goes back to her religious kind of self but in a much more extreme way. It’s not so orthodox Catholic or whatever she started as, but it’s more of like a worldly spirituality…”

Moon Bloodgood: “But fanatical.”

Seychelle Gabriel: “But fanatical, I would say. I think that that is completely directly a reaction to what happened to her.”

Moon Bloodgood: “And you feel a strong loyalty to Lexi and Lexi also knows that and maybe – we don’t know – maybe exploits it. And maybe exploits all of our love for her but then redeems herself, if I can be so broad. She is our superstar this year.

But we are all so different, all of our characters. All of the actors who normally work with certain actors were working with different actors. I was working with Seychelle. I was now with Scarlett [Byrne]. Nobody was working with the same actors. This is our most far-fetched year. Our sci-fi goes full force.”

If Anne and Tom are separated, where does their relationship stand as the season starts?

Moon Bloodgood: “I can say that we’re still together. We have way more fights. I’m now a soldier; I’m no longer just a doctor. I’m now a soldier and he is now relying on me for my input, and I’m not the same person he left behind. I’m also going to defend my daughter. We go toe-to-toe a lot about the essence of our daughter because we just don’t know how much of her is human. We also have an episode that Jonathan Frake’s directed where you see what happened to Anne when she was back […]with Lexi and how involved Karen is. You also get to see part of Anne’s past.”

Does Tom not really accept Lexi?

Moon Bloodgood: “He’s also not bonded to her the way I am. So no, he doesn’t completely accept her and everybody questions where his alliance is as well. There’s a lot of pointing fingers of who is on whose side, and can he be objective because this is his daughter? Is he giving her special treatment that he wouldn’t allow another character?”

How are we doing with eye worms this season?

Seychelle Gabriel: “Seem to steer clear in the beginning. But, yeah, I think Lourdes has become a little obsessed with not being that person, that extremely violent and harmful influence on her community. I think she’s maybe a little trying a little too hard to be the opposite of that, to be the enlightened peaceful girl. We’ve all seen that religious person who sometimes takes their crusade a little too seriously.”

With the sci-fi level cranked up, are the show’s military maneuverings not quite as front and center this season?

Seychelle Gabriel: “It’s not as strategic now because we’re all thrown out of the loop. It’s not an organized thing, but those qualities are so instilled in our group. I don’t think it’s ever lost.”

Moon Bloodgood: “You’ve got the young kids who are fighting. You’ve got that camp. They are also a threat to us. You’ve got the Volm trying to help us but kind of, in some ways, abandoning us. Not Cochise. We’ve got episodes where we’re trying to go out on our own and find recon missions that I get to go on, actually. We’re being attacked and we actually end up being in this one area a lot of the time. What do we call that area? It’s China Town. China Town becomes our new Charleston. Visually you can see that that’s very different from Charleston.”

-By Rebecca Murray

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