‘Fargo’ Season 4 Episode 6 Recap: “Camp Elegance”

Fargo Season 4 Episode 6
Jason Schwartzman as Josto Fadda in ‘Fargo’ season 4 episode 6 (Photo by Elizabeth Morris/FX)

FX’s Fargo season four episode six begins with a very mellow birthday celebration for Ethelrida (E’myri Crutchfield). She’s turning 16 which should be a happy occasion, but it’s obvious no one in the Smutny family is in the mood to party.

It’s nighttime when Detective Odis Weff (Jack Huston) returns home. He sees something out of place and then hears a noise just before having a shower curtain draped over his head. He passes out and when he comes to, Loy (Chris Rock) is standing in front of him. Odis quickly confesses Josto ordered the raid and promises he can return the money. Loy doesn’t care about that and instead explains he’s fighting not just a war with the Italians, he’s fighting 400 years of history.

Loy tells Odis he doesn’t have any idea what it feels like to be property. That will change immediately. Loy warns Odis to be ready to do his bidding when he calls. “I own you, and you’re going to help me win this war,” says Loy.

Odis has no choice but to agree.

U.S. Marshal Dick “Deafy” Wickware (Timothy Olyphant) has been seated in his car outside Odis’ place and watches the comings and goings of Loy and his men.

Gaetano Fadda (Salvatore Esposito) is passing time stabbing a dress form when a car pulls up outside. He spots the two women exiting the vehicle but isn’t concerned. It appears he’s under the mistaken impression they’re there for pleasure.

He’s returned to stabbing when he hears a commotion downstairs. Gunfire erupts, accompanied by the sounds of men screaming. Gaetano trades in his knife for a gun and as he hears footsteps approach the door, he fires a barrage of bullets. One of his own men falls into the room, riddled with bullets.

He’s reloading when Swanee (Kelsey Asbille) sneaks in through the open window. She stands behind him, gun pointed at his head as Zelmare (Karen Aldridge) steps into the doorway. Gaetano’s ready to shoot Zelmare, but Swanee shoots him first.

They were supposed to return him to Loy alive and, fortunately, he’s still breathing.

Gaetano wakes to find himself chained up in a chair, arms bound and legs tied. Loy asks if he’s heard of Sugar Ray Robinson and then introduces Omie Sparkman (Corey Hendrix) who apparently used to be a first-rate boxer and still has some moves. Loy assures Gaetano that Doctor Senator is the mistake that got him killed as the bell rings for round one to begin.

Nurse Oraetta Mayflower (Jessie Buckley) arrives at work and is immediately called in to speak with Dr. Harvard (Stephen Spencer). He’s received a distressing letter from someone who wants to warn him about employing her. He asks if she attends her patients’ funerals and if she retains keepsakes from her deceased patients. Oraetta claims not to know what he’s talking about. He warns her it’s a crime to do so, and she calls herself a Christian citizen of the highest caliber.

The letter was sent anonymously and Oraetta thinks whoever wrote it might just be jealous of her, professionally. Dr. Harvard believes the letter was written by a woman – possibly a fellow nurse – and Oraetta begins silently calculating who could have possibly sent it.

Oraetta begs him not to show the letter to human resources. She reminds him her former employer said she was an outstanding nurse, and Dr. Harvard agrees to keep the issue between them. Oraetta shakes his hand while noting where he’s stashed the letter.

Ebal Violante (Francesco Acquaroli) returns from his New York trip, briefly introduces Joe Bulo out of New York, and then sits down to speak with Josto (Jason Schwartzman) privately. Ebal reveals NY will back him only if he fixes the issues with Loy Cannon within the next two weeks. He’s about to explain the second part of the deal when Constant Calamita (Gaetano Bruno) interrupts to inform Josto that Loy took Gaetano.

Josto asks if his brother’s dead and Constant confesses he doesn’t know. Ebal’s shocked to learn that while he was gone, Gaetano and Constant killed Doctor Senator. He asks if Josto ordered it, and Josto confirms it was Gaetano’s order. Constant wants to go after Gaetano, but Josto’s more interested in learning what else NY said. Ebal replies, “They said if you want to be boss, you’ve got to make things right with your brother.”

Fargo Season 4 Episode 6
Chris Rock as Loy Cannon in ‘Fargo’ season 4 episode 6 (Photo by Elizabeth Morris/FX)

A brief flashback shows Loy telling Doctor Senator he needs to have Satchel returned home. Doctor warns him if he grabs Satchel back, it will spark World War III. Loy claims to have a plan.

Odis gets pulled off the street for a meeting with Loy. He spots a bloodied Gaetano chained up in the next room as Loy says Odis needs to do something for him. Odis attempts to remind Loy he served up Gaetano – that should count for something – but Loy will have none of it. Loy declares the kid-swapping time is up. He orders Loy to go to the Faddas and get Satchel. After Satchel’s returned, Loy will kill Gaetano and take over the town.

Loy doesn’t care how Odis gets him back; he only cares about the end result.

Odis heads over to the Fadda place, completely stressed out and alone. A couple of men are stationed outside and Odis makes it seem as if he’s there for a planned meeting. He walks in and spots Satchel reading to Rabbi Milligan (Ben Whishaw). Odis and Rabbi exchange a look, but then Constant breaks up the silent communication. Constant informs Odis he’s wanted at the club right now. Constant confirms that now that Loy’s grabbed Gaetano, the war is on.

Odis is forced to accompany Constant and can’t do what he was sent by Loy to do. Odis is being pulled apart by these dueling loyalties.

Ebal meets again with Josto and explains they need to do a trade for Gaetano. They’ll have to pay with cash and/or territories, but at least they’ll get Gaetano back. Josto doesn’t care what New York wants and doesn’t care about Gaetano’s powerful friends back home.

Odis and Constant arrive for the meeting and Josto asks if he’s been able to get rid of Wickware. Odis confesses he hasn’t and Josto tells him to immediately. They need to retrieve Gaetano and Josto charges Odis with finding out where he’s being kept. If he doesn’t, he’s a dead man. Odis has until 2:30pm to locate Gaetano because at 3pm they’re supposed to meet with Loy for the trade.

After Odis leaves, Josto questions Constant’s loyalty.

Antoon Dumini (Sean Fortunato) is the next to meet with Josto. Josto instructs him to go to the house, tell Rabbi to come see him, and then take Satchel for a “drive.” Josto doesn’t spell out what he’s supposed to do, but Antoon understands this means he’s supposed to kill Loy’s boy. When Antoon reminds his boss they’ll kill both Gaetano and Zero, Josto seems okay with that possible outcome. Josto believes he might be able to talk Loy out of killing Zero.

Antoon returns to the house where Rabbi’s talking to Antoon’s wife. Antoon delivers the message he needs to go see Josto without bringing Satchel with him. Rabbi warns Satchel that if he doesn’t come back, it means he’s dead or in jail.

Rabbi leaves and doesn’t seem to suspect what’s coming next.

Antoon greets his own small children as he tells Satchel to grab his coat because they’re going for a ride. Antoon’s wife realizes what’s happening and says a quick prayer. He advises her not to wait up.

Rabbi arrives over at Joplin’s for his meeting with Josto. Josto instructs him to go see Ebal, but Rabbi’s first concern is Satchel. Josto only replies cryptically, “The kid’s done,” before driving away.

Rabbi Milligan races back to the Fadda house, crying out for Satchel. He’s forced to shoot one of the Fadda men while demanding info from Antoon’s wife.

Antoon drives Satchel to a remote spot and walks with him through the ruins of an old building. Antoon explains it was where he was brought by the Americans after the war. He was almost dead and the Americans saved him. He recalls seeing fields of corn and remembers the smell of the bread. He reminiscenses about the big American sun and how it made him grow big and strong.

Antoon shows where he carved his name on a stone. He tells Satchel to climb down and get a look at the carving for himself. Satchel does as Antoon loads his gun. His hand trembles as he holds the gun out, ready to fire. Antoon’s deeply conflicted about murdering this child and hears his own children’s voices in his head.

Antoon makes the decision to not follow orders and places his gun back in his jacket. At that very instant, Rabbi Milligan fires a single shot and kills Antoon. Satchel assures Rabbi he’s not injured, and Rabbi quickly explains the war is on and they’re not safe. Satchel can’t be returned home right now because it’s not safe there either.

Rabbi says, “I never got to choose. A child soldier – that’s what they made me. But that’s not going to happen to you. Understand?”

Satchel understands and Rabbi explains they’re going to figure out a quiet place to ride out the war. If Satchel wants to go home after that, he’ll take him home.

Satchel confesses he’s scared. Rabbi responds, “Me too.”

Back at the hospital, Oraetta remains fixated on the letter.