‘Fargo’ Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: “Lay Away”

Fargo Season 4 Episode 7
Chris Rock as Loy Cannon in ‘Fargo’ season 4 episode 7 (Photo by Elizabeth Morris/FX)

Nurse Oraetta Mayflower (Jessie Buckley) is whipping up a “tasty” treat for her boss, Dr. Harvard, as FX’s Fargo season four episode seven kicks off. She’s baked him some of his favorites – macaroons – and delivers them, announcing she’s spreading holiday cheer.

Dr. Harvard (Stephen Spencer) tries to put Oraetta off, but she’s not to be denied. Even though he explains he’s not hungry, she convinces him by complimenting his discerning palate. He carefully selects one, sniffs it, and takes a bite. He seems impressed with her cooking skills, even licking his fingers to get every last crumb.

Seconds after calling the macaroons extraordinary, he begins gasping for air and falls to the ground. Oraetta does nothing to help but does smile as she hears him struggling for breath. While he’s incapacitated and trembling in pain, she takes a seat at his desk and finds the letter. (We know it was written by Ethelrida, but she doesn’t.) She grabs it and then practices what she believes would be a normal reaction to his predicament. Satisfied she looks convincing, she screams and asks for help as his assistant rushes in.

Elsewhere, Josto Fadda (Jason Schwartzman), Constant Calamita (Gaetano Bruno), and some of the Fadda muscle have located Antoon’s dead body. Josto orders Constant to head over to Loy’s house and kill Irish and the boy – plus anyone else there who deserves to die. Josto decides Antoon’s body should just be left where it is.

Loy (Chris Rock) engages in an argument with Leon Bittle (Jeremie Harris) over whether they should kill Gaetano Fadda now or keep him alive. Leon believes he should be killed immediately as payback for Doctor Senator’s murder. Loy asks Leon exactly how his plan would go down, screaming in his face. Leon makes the major error of speaking again and Loy punches him twice in the face, sending him to the floor. He takes off his belt and whips Leon while he’s down, and only Opal Rackley (James Vincent Meredith) reminding Loy that Leon is Happy’s cousin and Happy will be needed if they’re to win gets Loy to stop the beating.

Our first good look at Gaetano (Salvatore Esposito) reveals he’s bloody and still chained up.

Loy receives a call and tells whoever it is to meet him at 3pm at his place.

Detective Odis Weff (Jack Huston) is seated alone in his car, parked near Loy’s warehouse and completely stressed out. U.S. Marshal Dick “Deafy” Wickware (Timothy Olyphant) joins him in the passenger seat and immediately tells Odis not to get any ideas. Loy’s place is a fortress, says Dick. Dick confirms he saw Loy picking up Zelmare and Swanee a few days ago but hasn’t yet done anything because he doesn’t want to warn any dirty cops about what’s going down.

Dick knows the fugitives are back at work and are definitely not on the lam. He recites the Blood Atonement and Odis admits he’s not familiar with it. (Odis isn’t Mormon.) Dick asks Odis if he’s just as crooked as the rest of them because he’s heard rumors. Odis is enraged by the accusation. “You listen to me, Slick. If I knew where your Mormon god was, I’d drive through the night and stab him in the f**king eyes!” says Odis before declaring he’s done with this partnership.

Constant arrives at Loy’s place and Loy’s wife, Buel (J. Nicole Brooks), answers the door. He asks how many kids are in the house and she replies with a question of her own. “You ever go to the zoo?” asks Buel. When Constant chuckles, she adds, “You see the mama lion and her cubs? You think she’s in that cage for her protection?”

Buel raises a shotgun and chambers a round. “To be fair…that’s what we call a rhetorical question,” she says. Buel orders him to leave and he grabs the barrel. He warns her to be careful with the gun, tips his hat, and leaves. (Don’t mess with Buel!)

Now that Loy’s the new owner, the Smutnys’ funeral home is being used to store alcohol and other items. Ethelrida (E’myri Crutchfield) makes herself scarce as the items are moved in. (Ethelrida was a major player in the previous episodes but has been relegated to a cameo in this one.)

Constant returns to the Fadda place and looks around the room shared by Rabbi Milligan and Satchel Cannon. He spots a Bible, opens it up, and thumbs through the pages. Tucked inside is a newspaper ad for Uncle Jack’s Feed and Seed.

We learn who it was that called Loy earlier when Josto and his men arrive at Loy’s vending machine warehouse for the 3pm meeting. Josto’s met outside by Omie Sparkman (Corey Hendrix) who instructs him to leave his ‘muscle’ outside. Josto gives orders to his men to give him 30 minutes and if he doesn’t return, come in shooting.

U.S. Marshal Dick Wickware’s watching this go down from his car parked nearby.

Consigliere Ebal Violante (Francesco Acquaroli) speaks for the Faddas and apologizes for how things have gotten out of hand. He claims Doctor Senator was a friend of his and is saddened by the fact he was murdered. It shouldn’t have happened. However, he explains Gaetano Fadda – the son of Donatello Fadda – was chosen by New York. Ebal claims his death isn’t allowed. “I’m simply telling you how it is. There are people you can kill, people you can’t,” says Ebal.

Ebal proposes a trade: if Gaetano is returned, Loy will receive full control of the slaughterhouses on the East Side and some trucking routes. Loy replies by wondering what would happen if Gaetano was already dead. He follows that up by suggesting he should just kill them too.

Ebal believes if Gaetano were dead this conversation wouldn’t be taking place. He assures Loy that Gaetano will be on the next plane out if they release him, as per orders from New York. Josto interjects (he’s done that a few times, always in a way to disparage his brother) and admits NY doesn’t know Loy has Gaetano.

Josto confirms Gaetano shot at Lemuel and killed Doctor Senator. But, he had rats helping him. Josto then reveals Satchel is dead and that it never should have happened. He realizes the rules and that means it needs to be a life for a life. Josto begs Loy to kill Gaetano instead of his son, Zero.

Ebal looks completely shocked by this turn of events.

Loy demands to see his dead son but Josto doesn’t have the body. He blames Constant Calamita for taking the boy somewhere and killing him in anger over the trade. When Loy asks to speak with Rabbi Milligan, Josto claims Rabbi fought for Satchel but couldn’t save him. He reveals Rabbi is gone, too.

Loy has a flashback to his son begging him not to be traded.

Loy orders Josto and Ebal to leave, screaming it over the objections of his men.

Fargo Season 4 Episode 7
Francesco Acquaroli as Ebal Violante and Jason Schwartzman as Josto Fadda in ‘Fargo’ season 4 episode 7 (Photo by Elizabeth Morris/FX)

Josto’s in a much better mood as he sits in the backseat celebrating what he believes is a win.

Loy returns home and sits in the dark watching Zero Fadda prepare for bed. He approaches the boy and considers strangling him. Ultimately, he decides against it.

Loy can’t put it off any longer and tells Buel the heartbreaking news. She screams in anguish.

The following day Loy demands his driver pull over. He exits the vehicle and stands in front of a new billboard. It’s advertising the Diner’s Club credit card. They’ve stolen his idea and made it their own.

Odis is at home and remembering the love of his life and how she’s been taken from him. He stands in front of a memorial he created for her and then begins carefully packing it away. He packs up his other belongings and as he’s about to place suitcases in his car, Opal appears behind him and demands he get in their car. Odis reminds them they have it wrong – he’s a cop and they’re supposed to get in his car. Opal and his partner agree and take seats in his vehicle.

Odis, who’s now completely freaking out, is taken to a gymnasium’s locker room. Swanee (Kelsey Asbille) and Zelmare (Karen Aldridge) enter and Odis can only stare and count. The women ask if they make him nervous and he responds by asking if they realize they’re wanted.

Loy arrives and tells Odis to cover his ears. Odis does as instructed while Loy hands the dynamic duo tickets for the 10pm train to Philly. He warns them not to ever return, but they want to stay and mix things up. When Zelmare asks what happens if they don’t go, Loy only has to bring up her sister for Zelmare to change her tune.

Once the ladies leave, Odis fumbles out his explanation as to why he wasn’t able to grab Satchel. Loy thinks the Italians can’t rise to their level so they’re trying to drag them down to theirs. He reveals Satchel has been murdered and Odis appears genuinely upset by the news. Loy believes this whole thing’s a trap and refuses to get in the dirt with the Italians. He refuses to fight the way they fight.

Loy discusses criminals and the American dream, and then tells Odis that Josto wants him to kill Gaetano. Loy reveals he won’t do it. When Odis asks what he’s going to do, Loy corrects him. “What are we going to do?” says Loy, including Odis in his plans.

Back at the warehouse, Gaetano’s running down a list of people he’s killed. Loy returns and takes a seat within a foot of the chained Fadda prisoner. He tells Gaetano this thing is done, explaining Josto offered him the stockyards and trucking if he kills him.

Loy doesn’t kill Gaetano and instead orders him released. As Loy’s leaving, he tells Gaetano to inform Josto the stockyards are now his.

Outside, Loy orders Constant Calamita’s death. He’s assured it will be done immediately.