‘Grimm’ Season 6: David Giuntoli Interview

David Giuntoli from Grimm at Comic Con
David Giuntoli from ‘Grimm’ at Comic Con (Photo © Richard Chavez / Showbiz Junkies)

NBC once again brought almost all of the main Grimm cast to the San Diego Comic Con to take part in a panel with fans of the popular series. Grimm stars David Giuntoli and Bitsie Tulloch even shared a little more than just hints at the upcoming sixth season of the series, with Tulloch wearing her engagement ring in public for what she confirmed was the first time. The couple have been dating for two years and got engaged in April. But, back to Grimm. Season six has a 13 episode order as of now and should be returning to NBC’s primetime lineup this fall. Season five’s finale found #TeamGrimm taking on Captain-turned-Mayor Sean Renard (played by Sasha Roiz) and season six will find the Scooby Gang and Renard now bitter enemies.

That first time public acknowledgement of his engagement might be one of the reasons Giuntoli was in an incredibly good mood in the press room at Comic Con. During our brief interview, Giuntoli said Renard’s gone full evil. “He’s tasted a little bit of power as the Mayor of Portland, Oregon – the most powerful position in the world,” joked Giuntoli. “I want to be alderman one day! No, he’s gone full dark side and he looks good in black. He’s got like a Dieter kind of like mock turtleneck. His nipples you can see through it. They get hard when he talks about power. It’s true – they just [pop up] every time.”

Turning just slightly more serious, Giuntoli added, “So, we go against Renard. It’s intense. He plays a good villain, Sasha. We, I think as a gang, if he becomes mayor he can kind of have the city in the palm of his hand and all the power in that so we try to make that not happen.”

Asked if he has a preference for how he wants Nick’s personal relationships to work out, Giuntoli replied, “Yeah. Nick wants to be with the woman who wants to kill him the least. I feel like he should have a thermometer, like a gauge. ‘Are we in the blue zone? Come with me.’ But it’s been a veritable Jerry Springer show, if all that stuff ever comes to a head.”

Will the next season be more action-oriented than season five? “What I don’t see happening – and I’m actually pleased about this – is that I think the world we’re going to keep it more into the core of our eight regulars and then Trubel,” explained Giuntoli. “I think we’re going to do more of that and kind of watch how that all plays out between the dynamics of these people as opposed to bringing in a much, much greater world. I’m actually very excited about that. The first three episodes have seemed to be really dealing with these plot points, not kicking anything down the road. Really kind of digging in, so it’s neat.”

Giuntoli added, “The fans of Grimm and the religion of it and whatever myth we’ve created behind it, we’re dealing directly in it and we’re not teasing something for a nebulous maybe never answer. We’re going to put it all out there.”

Watch the David Giuntoli interview: