‘Grimm’ Season 6 Episode 2 Recap: Trust Me Knot

Grimm Season 6 Episode 2 David Giuntoli and Bitsie Tulloch

David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, Danny Bruno as Bud, and Bitsie Tulloch as Juliette Silverton in ‘Grimm’ (Photo by Allyson Riggs / NBC)

NBC’s Grimm continues its final season run with episode two titled ‘Trust Me Knot.’ Season six episode two airing on January 13, 2017 begins with the police swarming the outside of Bud’s shop and Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) blurting out that Rosalee (Bree Turner) is pregnant in response to Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni) suggesting they ought to take on the cops. It’s definitely not the way Rosalee, or Monroe for that matter, wanted the gang to find out about the pregnancy, but Monroe had to protect his wife. The gang takes a moment to congratulate the couple and then Nick (David Giuntoli) says he’s going to turn himself in.

Just as the Special Emergency Response Team is ready to move in and storm the place, Wu (Reggie Lee) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) pull up and place Renard (Sasha Roiz) under arrest for the murder of Rachel Wood. Our heroes Hank and Wu tell Renard he’s no longer giving orders and handcuff him while the other officers have no idea what to do.

Inside Bud’s shop, Nick continues to say he’s giving himself up as the gang continues to protest his decision. Outside, Wu and Hank tell the cops to ignore all of Renard’s commands…but they don’t. S.E.R.T. busts in and Nick does give himself up. He’s ready to be placed in custody, but when a cop removes the mystical stick from Nick’s jacket, it sends a shockwave through the officers and knocks them out. The Scooby gang is left unharmed. Apparently only Wesens can safely hold the stick.

Wu and Hank race downtown with Renard in the backseat. He continues to threaten them and says Nick is a dead man, but Wu assures Renard that whatever happens to Nick will happen to him. (Love this kick-ass team of Wu and Hank this season!)

Back at Bud’s, the cops who were knocked out don’t respond so those remaining outside are about to go in when one of the officers rushes out and tells everyone Burkhardt got away. The cops head out to chase him down, but of course it was Nick dressed in a S.E.R.T. officer’s uniform who provided the distraction. Nick and the gang race off in a S.E.R.T. vehicle while Monroe explains he’s found a hiding place for Nick.

Wu and Hank parade Renard through the station, leading him to an interrogation room. They ask about Rachel’s murder and about his relationship with his public relations manager. They can put him at the scene of the crime, plus he had a motive to kill her. Renard has a vision of Diana killing Rachel with her own bedsheets as Hank asks where he was last night. Renard woges but Wu and Hank don’t back down. He claims to have been with Bonaparte and that Bonaparte has left the country. Renard asks to call his lawyer, making a call to Adalind and telling her she’s got to get him out of there. Obviously, she knows Diana did the killing and can’t refuse.

Wu tells Hank that if Renard gets out and comes after him, one of them will die. Sergeant Franco (Robert Blanche) asks what the hell is going on, and reveals the S.E.R.T. officers have no idea what happened to them at Bud’s place or how Nick got away. Franco reminds them the cops have a shoot to kill order on Burkhardt and he needs to turn himself in.

Trubel calls in to Wu and Hank to let them know they’re heading back to the tunnels. She tells them to go through the loft, and Hank informs the gang they’ve arrested Renard. Nick, Eve, Trubel and Bud (Danny Bruno) head into the tunnels via the secret entrance Monroe described. Bud’s worried about his family and Nick suggests they’ll probably want to leave Portland. (And we’re back to episode one’s recurring theme of warning characters to leave Portland.)

Eve (Bitsie Tulloch) says she feels sorry for Rosalee getting pregnant right now and she admits she feels different, “Like there’s two of me.” Eve wants to take the stick’s cloth to Rosalee but Nick’s reluctant to give it up.

Rosalee and Monroe head back to their shop and can’t figure out if they should open it up and act like nothing’s going on. They decide to open up when Adalind (Claire Coffee) calls asking for a favor. She wants to bring the kids over while she does something. Rosalee agrees, but Monroe’s not sure about watching Diana. He reluctantly agrees but says if something happens to Diana, they can’t be held accountable.

A Wesen cop passes Renard a phone in his cell and Renard calls a judge to let him know he’s in jail. He admits the cops have evidence that puts him at the scene and tells the judge to take care of it. After hanging up, Renard imagines the gun he used to kill Meisner is next to him on his bed, along with a shell casing. He stares at his hands and the gun and shell casing disappear.

Eve wants answers about the stick, but Nick’s unwilling to investigate or let Eve investigate. She points out the marks she sees on the cloth and not even Nick can see them. She explains about the death grip and how she was able to see the marks only after the dead man grabbed her arm. Nick allows Eve to have the cloth and she warns him he shouldn’t carry the stick around. It’s powerful, but they have no idea where the power comes from. She reminds Nick the stick “acted defensibly” when the cops tried to take it away from him, and Trubel agrees. Nick keeps saying he wouldn’t be there without the stick and, angry, he says he’ll decide when to use it. He very, very reluctantly puts it back in its box.

Monroe is really worried about babysitting Diana and Kelly, and thinks maybe he should go out and get some toys. Rosalee tries to calm him down but Monroe thinks the kids come from a “big, weird gene pool” and he’s freaked out. Just then Adalind and the kids arrive and Monroe attempts to put on a happy face. Diana (Hannah R. Loyd) seems interested in the contents of the shop and after Adalind and Rosalee leave the room to put Kelly to bed, Monroe talks to Diana about the spices. She leaves Monroe speechless after making a jar come to her through the air.

Adalind explains she has to go help Renard.

Back in the tunnels, Bud is worried that Nick is acting antsy. He can’t go far from the stick and finally takes it back out of its box. He seems to fall into a bit of trance and then slams the stick back down, leaving it in its box.

Monroe makes Rosalee come back out into the shop where Diana has dozens of spice jars floating through the air. Diana asks if they like it and Rosalee says it’s beautiful but asks her to put them back. Diana does, and then wants to know what they should do next. Trubel and Eve arrive and once again they leave Monroe with Diana. Poor Monroe!

Adalind meets with Renard who reminds her he was killing Bonaparte at the same time Rachel was murdered, so he can’t really account for his time to the police. Renard tells Adalind she’s going to be his alibi and she asks, incredulously, “You expect me to be your alibi for a murder you didn’t commit because you were actually murdering the person who was your alibi?” Renard says, yes, that’s what he wants. Adalind doesn’t want to do it, but Renard says she owes him. She reminds him she owes her children and will choose them over going to jail for lying for him.

Nick and Bud continue through the tunnels and run into Wu and Hank. Bud tells them about the stick and what it did to the S.E.R.T. officers, and they explain they charged Renard with Rachel’s murder. That’s helpful, but Nick really needs Renard to drop the charges against him. He says he needs to talk to Renard and see if they can work this out. They let Bud go, and he tells them he’s there for them whenever they need him in the future.

Nick calls Adalind and tells her he needs to make a deal with someone he doesn’t trust. She says he needs a Trust Me Knot: whoever signs the Trust Me Knot has to do what they promised or they choke to death. She can do it for him and they make a plan to meet at the location where she first told him she loved him.

Grimm Season 6 Episode 2 Wu, Renard and Hank

Reggie Lee as Sergeant Wu, Sasha Roiz as Sean Renard, and Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin in ‘Grimm’ (Photo by Allyson Riggs / NBC)

Wu and Hank handcuff Renard, remove him from his cell, and let him know they’re taking him to see Burkhardt.

Burkhardt and Renard meet face-to-face with Hank and Wu there to make sure Renard doesn’t try anything. He keeps saying he didn’t kill Rachel and Nick says he’s Renard’s alibi. Hank and Wu tell Renard if he drops the charges against Nick and reinstates him, they’ll give him an alibi for the night of Rachel’s murder. Nick says Adalind will be his alibi, which surprises Renard since she turned him down. Nick confirms Adalind will testify she was with Renard at the time of the murder. Renard won’t drop the charges until he’s cleared by a grand jury, and Nick says Adalind won’t testify until they have a guarantee he will drop the charges. Adalind walks in then with the Trust Me Knot and hands one end to Nick and one to Renard, telling them it’s a blood oath and whoever breaks it first will die. They agree to the deal and Adalind seals it by biting her hand and dripping blood on the rope. She says a spell over the blood-soaked rope and it transforms into a noose.

Back at the spice shop, Eve, Trubel, and Rosalee work on the cloth. Adalind arrives and tells them about the deal they just made, and they explain they’re trying to make out the images on the cloth. While they’re experimenting with how to get the writing to show up, Diana walks in and wants to go home. They tell Diana what they’re trying to do and she asks if she can try, and then does so without letting them answer. She stares at the cloth and says she can see the images. She sees little pictures and strange writing, and then Nick arrives. He thanks Diana for helping them and asks Diana to draw what she’s seeing. Diana sketches out what she sees and none of them have seen anything like it before.

Trubel gets a phone call from Hadrian’s Wall and has to leave Portland in four hours. They didn’t ask for Eve, but Trubel really wants Nick to go with her.

Over at the police station, Wu’s worried their case against Renard might be too strong which means Nick is screwed. Hank gets a call saying the Grand Jury is going to convene in just a couple of hours.

Rosalee can’t find the symbols Diana drew in the computer. Trubel really wants Nick to go with her but he can’t – he has to stay and deal with the city. She warns him he better be alive when she returns.

Hank and Wu call the gang to let them know about the Grand Jury and that they need Adalind right now at the courthouse. She heads over and makes it in time, but the judge (who Renard called) dismisses the case. Adalind doesn’t have to testify and so now the deal with Nick is off. He wants Wu and Hank’s resignations in the morning.

Back in the judge’s chambers, Renard tells the Wesen prosecutor and judge that he’s going to clean house of the Grimm and all his friends as soon as he takes office.

The gang meets up at the spice shop and they realize Renard got everything he wanted, including Adalind. She’ll have to move back in with him, Hank and Wu have to leave the force, and Nick’s still a fugitive from justice.

Renard is all smiles as he leaves the court house and makes a call demanding Burkhardt is found.

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