‘Grimm’ Season 6 Episode 6 Recap: Breakfast in Bed

Grimm Season 6 Episode 6
Russell Hornsby as Hank Griffin, David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, and Reggie Lee as Sergeant Wu in ‘Grimm’ (Photo by Allyson Riggs/NBC)

NBC’s Grimm introduces another freaky Wesen of the Week in season six episode six airing on February 10, 2017. This week’s Wesen feeds off of sleeping people, driving some of its victims insane and others to kill or commit suicide. The episode titled ‘Breakfast in Bed’ begins with a hotel guest named Dan being berated for making too much noise. He locks himself in his room and dumps out a bag full of chains. He then places the chains strategically over the windows so no one can get in and slips into bed after making sure nothing’s creeping around in the closet. Dan falls asleep with the hammer clenched in his fist only to wake up with a monster with rows and rows of fluorescent green teeth lowering itself onto his bed.

Meanwhile, Nick (David Giuntoli) is at home creeping around the tunnels and taking pictures of the symbols. Eve (Bitsie Tulloch), who is now Nick and Adalind’s houseguest, follows him down and says she doesn’t know why she had to keep drawing the symbols. They know it’s related to the stick, but they can’t figure out the answer to its powers.

Dan wakes up, screams, and flips his hotel bed over. He leaves the room, hugging himself, and saying, “It’s impossible!” He wanders the streets talking to himself and when a stranger asks if he needs help, Dan attacks him, mistakenly believing he’s the monster who visits him at night.

Over at the spice shop, Eve, Rosalee (Bree Turner), Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell), and Nick go over the photos of the symbols from the tunnel’s walls. They think it’s a mix of languages but then Monroe points to one photo and says it’s a cluster of seven stars associated with times of mourning. Seven stars…seven Grimm crusaders…seven keys… They now have one symbol they recognize and Eve says it’s a start.

Once at the station, Nick shows Hank (Russell Hornsby) the photos of Eve’s drawings from the tunnels. Wu (Reggie Lee) calls and tells them to head to the location where Dan smashed the good Samaritan’s head into the ground.

Wu describes what went down, explaining Michael was trying to help Dan when Dan turned on him and killed him. Dan escaped and has just been spotted at the Englewood Hotel, four blocks away. They head over, the hotel clerk gives them Dan’s room number, and they hear hammering from inside the room because Dan’s pounding nails into the door. He says he can’t let them in because “it” will kill him. An officer breaks down the door and Nick puts Dan in handcuffs while Dan screams, “You can’t hide from him! He finds you wherever you are!” Hank hopes it’s just a mental problem but Nick examines the chains over the window, looking for a reason why Dan was frightened.

Hank and Nick question the hotel manager who says Dan’s stayed there for two months and has gotten increasingly weirder. They let him know Dan nailed shut the windows and doors, and Nick asks if the man in the wheelchair who was sitting in the hall a few doors down from Dan’s room had any contact with him. The clerk says that man doesn’t talk and has been there forever.

Renard (Sasha Roiz) arrives in his office and when he hears a noise, he believes it’s Meisner. It’s not; it’s another man who enters Renard’s office to discuss Bonaparte’s death and the end of his political aspirations. They discuss the Grimm and this stranger explains he’s there to “clean up” Renard’s mistakes. He wants everyone dead and Renard assures him Nick should be dead but he has something powerful protecting him. Renard says he’s done with Black Claw and shows the man out of his office.

Eve, Monroe, and Rosalee continue to try and decipher the symbols. They think it might be a map of the universe – a chart of the stars. Eve comes up with the idea that it might be an ancient calendar.

Nick and Hank check out Dan’s history and he doesn’t really have a criminal record. They determine he doesn’t have a history of violence either and he didn’t know his victim. He was really scared someone would break into his room, and Nick thinks Dan encountered a Wesen and cracked because he doesn’t a history of mental problems.

They interrogate Dan and he reveals he’s afraid of sleeping because something gets to him. He doesn’t know what it is but it paralyzes him. It’s huge, has disgusting breath, and a big mouth. He has a vision of it and starts screaming again, lashing out at Hank and Nick. Hank punches him and knocks him out.

Monroe thinks a symbol is part of the Sumerian calendar while Rosalee thinks she’s found a piece of the Mayan calendar. They are different cultures and 3,000 years apart, which is bizarre. Nick and Hank arrive and Eve tells them they think it’s an ancient calendar. Eve wonders if it’s pointing to an event a long time ago, but Nick tells them what he really needs right now is to figure out what Wesen attacked Dan. They describe it and Rosalee and Monroe think it’s an Alp from German folklore. The Alp get inside your head and feed on your sleep, but the victims go crazy if the Alp feeds too many times. The Wesen could be anyone who has access to the rooms in the hotel.

Back at the station, Hank and Nick try and figure out how the Alp got into Dan’s room. It appears the hotel has a history of murders and suicides, and the Alp could have been hanging out there for decades. They remember the old man in the wheelchair and the manager saying he’d been living there a long time. Just then Wu shows up with info on the hotel’s owner who currently lives in Los Angeles. They give her a call and ask about two of her employees, and she claims not to have had any problems with them. They ask about the previous violent incidents and she’s no help at all. They’re once again left wondering how the Alp made it into the room after Dan completely sealed it for the night.

That night another hotel guest is attacked.

Grimm Season 6 Episode 6
Damien Puckler as Meisner and Sasha Roiz as Sean Renard (Photo by: Allyson Riggs/NBC)

Meanwhile at the station, Meisner continues to bug Renard, warning him to stop talking to him out loud or people will think he’s crazy. Meisner tells Renard there are two men by his car waiting to kill him and asks if he trusts him. Renard apparently does and Meisner blinds the men so Renard can shoot them. Meisner tells him he chose the right side this time, walks away, and waves goodbye.

The new victim at the hotel wakes up and freaks out. She stumbles down the hall and then falls down the stairs and dies. Wu, Hank, and Nick investigate and wonder why she’s dressed in her pajamas if she was heading out. She’d been staying there for three months and when they check out her room, they see the old man in the wheelchair in the hall. Her windows are locked and her bedding is on the floor, but there isn’t any sign of struggle. Nick and Hank try and figure out how the Alp got in but can’t.

Hank and Nick approach Monroe about a sting operation, using Monroe as bait. He agrees, reluctantly, saying it’s payback for the Alp who made his aunt lose her mind. Monroe assures a worried Rosalee that Nick and Hank will rescue him as soon as the Alp shows up. They promise they’ll be monitoring him and won’t let anything happen.

Monroe checks into the hotel, heads up to his room, and sets up the camera. He’s wired for sound and ready to go, falling asleep almost as soon as his head hits the pillow thanks to a shot of Melatonin. Nothing happens for a while but then the camera moves and Hank and Nick race over to the hotel. The Alp paralyzes Monroe while Nick and Hank break the hotel’s front door. The Alp hears the door’s glass break and stops right before he sucks Monroe’s face. By the time they get to Monroe’s room, the Alp is gone but Monroe is still paralyzed.

Nick and Hank figure out the dresser where Monroe placed the camera is hollow and when they rip it away from the wall, they discover a passageway. Monroe can’t move his mouth but yells at them anyway as Nick and Hank head into the passageway to chase the Alp. They catch up with the hotel manager who woges into a Hundjäger and a two-on-one fight breaks out. Hank and Nick take him out and Monroe arrives, finally able to move, and says he didn’t see a Hundjäger. He was definitely attacked by an Alp.

They look for another passageway and find one behind the manager’s dresser. They emerge in what seems to be an upscale home where a woman threatens to call the police. The woman turns out to be the owner of the hotel who they assumed, based on her area code, lived in Los Angeles. She woges and is definitely an Alp, but she thinks Nick can’t charge her with anything because she didn’t actually kill anyone. Nick gives her two choices. One, sell the hotel, give the proceeds to a homeless shelter, and leave Portland forever. Two, he’s a Grimm so he can just take her out since no one will lose sleep over one less Alp in the world. She agrees to option one but then woges and attacks Nick, and he easily pushes her into a table where she hits her head and dies. So much for option one after all!

Inside the hotel, the man in the wheelchair begins maniacally cackling and woges into some weird red-faced fish thing.

Rosalee and Eve work on calculating dates based on planet positions. They match up the drawing on the cloth with the planets and discover it matches a date in the near future. March 24, 2017, to be exact. It’s a calendar for some event that hasn’t happened yet. (Grimm‘s final episode is supposed to air on March 31, 2017.)